imc AG als Teil der Scheer Holding
Scheer Holding -
The Innovation Network

imc as part of Scheer Holding

Scheer Holding forms the reliable umbrella over the business network. It promotes and strengthens the collaboration between the network enterprises to boost value creation for our clients while facilitating easier access to new markets for our network partners. Scheer Holding supports the network enterprises stemming from the German-speaking region in both, involvement in international markets and start-ups from within the existing network.


As founder of Scheer Holding, Professor August-Wilhelm Scheer is invested in the network enterprises. He also supports them with his extensive experience in the IT sector. Professor Scheer developed the ARIS concept, on of the most successful business process management methods in the world. Now, he wants to bring the best ideas and the great minds behind them together in the Scheer Holding network. The objective is to support the companies’ growth and internationalisation with a clear focus on creating value for our clients.