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imc Newsroom Team

From corporate PR to internal or digital communication: Our Newsroom team reports externally, internally, 360 degrees and on all key channels. 


Our Newsroom team is happy to answer any editorial questions relating to any aspect of our brand and topics. We are looking forward to speaking  to you and strive to answer your questions as quickly as possible. 

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Kerstin Steffen
Director Brand Strategy

I’ve been a member of the imc crew since February 2019. My multi-faceted tasks always keep me on the go. In addition to my work on corporate brand, marketing and communication strategies and employer branding, I also delve into the operational side.


I have a passion for networks and communities. That is why I represent the brand ambassador programme in the editorial team. I am also actively involved in the SCHULEWIRTSCHAFT (School-Business) network.


Privately, my big passions are travelling, Disney and interior design. 


Topics: imc Ambassador Programme, Brand and Marketing Services, Future of Work 

Nina Wamsbach, Communications Manager, imc AG
Nina Wamsbach
Communication Manager

I joined the imc newsroom team in 2021. As a journalist my heart beats for content and storytelling.


I’m excited to figure out how e-learing and digitization affect the future of work. My task is to create content to talk about and I’m always looking for trends.


Privately I love to travel and eat Tapas.


Topics: E-Learning Trends, Corporate Social Responsibility, Press and Influencer Relations

I have been working in the imc Marketing & Communication team since March 2019.


I am passionate about communication, creative content and social media. I live by the motto: “KISS – Keep it short and simple!”

Explaining complex content in simple terms and making e-learning accessible to everyone are challenges that make every day exciting.


In my time off, I like to read, play poker and travel a lot.  


Topics: imc Ambassador Programme, Digital Learning Strategies, Products, Innovation Labs, HR 

Doreen Hartmann imc
Doreen Hartmann
Junior Marketing and Communication Manager

I' ve been working as a permanent member of the imc Marketing & Communication Team since 2021. The mix of creative content creation, social media and online marketing activities excites me the most about my job.


My goal is to inspire people with creative and innovative content and to make the imc brand more tangible.


My passion besides my job? Travelling a lot and discovering the world.

silke blumenröder
Silke Blumenröder
PR Consultant

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