Digital transformation at S&G Automobil

How an LMS reduced red tape and enhanced employee training.
The prefect LMS for extended enterprise training at auto dealerships

Learning management system helps
cut red tape

case study learning management system customer reference sg automobil ag

S&G was founded in 1898. In 1998, on its 100-year anniversary, it was renamed S&G Automobil AG.

The subsidiary S&G Automobilgesellschaft established in 1990 is now the biggest Mercedes-Benz representative in Saxony-Anhalt. Today, around 1,400 employees including almost 300 trainees and apprentices at 11 locations in Baden-Wuerttemberg and 8 sites in Saxony-Anhalt ensure that we keep our promise every single day:

“With S&G, you are in for a good drive.” 


Meeting documentation obligations
with mobile learning

S&G wanted to bring the company’s professional development and training measures up to date and drive digitalisation. The objective was to quickly and directly provide information to around 1,300 employees across 19 locations. This required reductions in email traffic while ensuring that employees really do receive information on training courses. Furthermore, all employees regularly need to complete training courses on topics such as money laundering, compliance and data protection. This process was to be uniform and clear to map. 

In addition, solutions were needed to equally train employees without permanent access to a desktop computer. 

case study learning management system customer reference sg automobil ag

Uniform processes and time-savings 

The solution came from imc, featuring a central platform and the learning management system – which S&G named “Lernwelt” – world of learning.  Once implemented, the LMS ensured that employees actually receive information and are able to complete the right training courses. 

The allocation of training courses and instructions is automated, and employees are assigned groups and receive course information and bookings automatically depending on the group they belong to. For instance, an automated reminder is sent out when its time for an employee to refresh their training on a particular topic. 

case study learning management system customer reference sg automobil ag

“Lernwelt” brings greater acceptance

S&G was able to achieve some of its goals immediately after implementing the LMS: The paper and email overload decreased significantly. S&G intensively uses the automated allocation, and automatically assigns advanced training and instructions or sends out reminders for mandatory training to individual user groups. This also simplifies verification and documentation of mandatory training on topics such as money laundering, compliance, and data protection. 


The fact that employees can now register for training courses directly rather than having to go through their line manager also helped to cut administration costs. Moreover, transitioning some of the face-to-face training to an online format resulted in major time savings.  


The Content Studio also helped to improve course quality, and employees highly appreciate the training units designed by their own colleagues. This boosted acceptance of the LMS. 

case study learning management system customer reference sg automobil ag
Target audience
1400 employees at 11 locations
LMS & Authoring
Measurable business improvement
Our employees are very proud of their own content created in Content Studio. That definitely boosted acceptance of the LMS.
Christian Mai
LMS Project Owner

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