Revolutionising brain fitness with Mobilcom-Debitel's training app

Personalised brain training for enhanced cognitive skills.
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Get your grey matter in top form

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Brain cells always need new stimuli to stay fit. Together with the mobile communications provider Mobilcom-Debitel, we developed a brain jogging app which offers a personalised training plan to achieve that goal.

Logic, concentration, orientation, reaction and memory are trained with scientifically proven methods. 


Exciting brain training for customers

Mobilcom-Debitel wanted to offer its customers a special feature for smartphones: a brain jogging app that trains the grey matter with scientifically proven methods. It was crucial that the app would be intuitive to operate to ensure users could get started without stumbling blocks.

The training goal was to spark the users’ ambition. Unlike many other apps, it was meant to respond to each customer’s individual requirements to facilitate an optimal challenge at all times. This aimed to make the app particularly efficient while also keeping training fun. 

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Uniform processes and time-savings

With “Gehirn Coach” ("brain coach"), the imc team developed a brain jogging app for smartphones that trains all five cognitive skills: logic, concentration, orientation, reaction and memory. The five skills are trained in different game formats.

To start off, the current status is determined with a fitness test. A personalised training plan is created based on the results. In addition, users can define their own priorities – for example, if they want to concentrate on memory training. After training, users can track their personal progress with the fitness tracker. User can see their fitness level in each skill, as well as their personal overall fitness in a special view for the current week, month or year. 


“Gehirn Coach” was developed in collaboration with TU Kaiserslautern. The researchers investigated thought processes in depth, and conducted studies to optimise the effectiveness of the app. Thanks to usability and eye-tracking tests throughout the development, the app is intuitive to operate. Mobilcom-Debitel customers can add “Gehirn Coach” to their mobile phone contract as an optional extra, or download the app from the app store. 

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Target audience
Mobilcom-Debitel mobile phone customers
Learning format
Game-based app
Digital fitness coach
Screenshot Gehirncoach