100 digital training courses created in 3 months

Find out how Germany's Main-Kinzig Clinics are using an LMS and authoring tool to save time and money.
medical professionals learning from a digital device

eLearning for hospital staff? Of course!

How Germany’s Main-Kinzig Clinics are using an LMS and authoring tool to save time and money

The Main-Kinzig Clinics (MKC) were formed from the merger of three hospitals in the German towns of Gelnhausen, Schlüchtern and Bad Soden-Salmünster. They serve a catchment area of 250,000 people in the eastern Main-Kinzig district and are wholly owned by the Main-Kinzig district authority.


Operating from two locations, the clinics have a workforce of 2,500 and offer inpatient and outpatient treatment in all areas of basic and specialist care. They comprise 15 specialist departments with over 700 beds, including 35 day-clinic beds.


To make compliance training fun

Hospital workforces are highly diverse, comprising nurses, doctors, medical technology specialists, admin staff, HR people, IT experts, orderlies, catering staff and more. All these professional groups require ongoing training. In many cases, this training is required by law, and failure to undertake it can have costly legal repercussions.


MKC is a case in point. It was looking for a complete solution for time- and cost-efficient delivery of employee training. Furthermore, it needed a learning platform as well as a tool that staff could use to create learning content themselves. And finally, MKC also needed digital, environmentally friendly alternatives to the mountains of paperwork so commonly encountered in hospitals.

medical professionals learning from a digital device

Learning platform and self-explanatory authoring tool for pre- and onboarding

The imc Learning Suite had everything MKC was looking for in a learning management system. The clincher was its seamless integration into the clinics’ existing systems and its coverage of all user scenarios. The new AI-powered authoring tool imc Express was also an instant hit with the MKC team and was implemented along with the platform.


Kerstin Hammer, MKK’s head of HR, explains: “We needed an authoring tool that all our professionals could master quickly and easily and use to create learning content. The fact that the authoring tool and the LMS are from the same provider is a major plus for us. It means we can have confidence that there won’t be any compatibility issues. Of course, even the best learning platform in the world is useless without content. So, we started creating the digital training content well before the LMS rollout.”

mockup of Express content at MKK

Preboarding that’s fun and effective

Pre- and onboarding new hires is a key use scenario for MKC. Prior to their first day on the job, new employees receive a welcome pack containing a card with a QR code. By scanning the code, they can activate their LMS account and start learning about their new place of work. This is the preboarding phase of the onboarding process.


“The system provides access to useful information, like where the staff parking spaces are located,” explains Kerstin Hammer. “It’s pretty simple stuff, but it’s a big help because it makes new employees feel welcome and calms their nerves. Needless to say, it has been extremely well received.”


The onboarding process proper begins on the first day on the job. This is when new employees are briefed on all aspects of the clinics and their work areas. Here too, the LMS from imc speeds things up by streamlining certain work steps.

mockup of Express content at MKK

100 training courses in just three months – and that’s just the beginning!

The solution provided by imc has already made a big difference. In just three months, Kerstin Hammer and her team have produced over 100 items of digital training content. The team also ran a well-designed communication campaign to ensure this content actually gets used.


For example, in the employee app, they regularly posted articles containing learning tips and information about online learning. The changes, both proposed and implemented, were also canvassed regularly in internal communications and at works council meetings.


Thanks to all these measures, online learning has been embraced by MKK’s entire workforce. This is borne out by the internal feedback received to date. Hammer is very pleased. “Our learning concept has plenty more to offer. The possibilities are practically endless, especially in combination with the ChatGPT function for imc Express.


Our aim is to facilitate teaching and knowledge-sharing by everyone with an interest in doing so. And we’re already achieving that. In fact, even some of our senior physicians have been bitten by the teaching bug and are creating their first training courses. That’s a fantastic outcome for us, and this is only just the beginning!”

mockup of Express content at MKK
100 courses in 1 month
Pre- and oboarding
Fun and engaging
Self-explanatory elearning authoring
Our learning concept has plenty more to offer. The possibilities are practically endless, especially in combination with the ChatGPT function for imc Express.
Kerstin Hammer
Head of HR
Main-Kinzig Clinics