BASF leads digital transformation with readiness check

Assessing and enhancing digital skills across 117,000 employees.
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Are you ready for digitalisation?


More than 117,000 employees in the BASF group strive to contribute to the success of their clients from virtually all sectors and almost all countries worldwide.

We have collated the portfolio in six segments: Chemicals, Materials, Industrial Solutions, Surface Technologies, Nutrition & Care and Agricultural Solutions.

In 2019, BASF achieved worldwide revenues of around EUR 59 billion. 


Needs assessment for the
digitalisation strategy

The digital transformation is shaking up almost all business processes. It is both a challenge and an opportunity for companies. BASF has rolled out digitalisation training worldwide to upskill all employees. In the first instance, this involved finding out the degree of digital readiness among the workforce.

The goal was to go beyond a strict needs assessment and also give the employees the opportunity to test their own knowledge. Intuitive operation and time-efficiency were crucial requirements for the solution. 

case study digitisation digital readiness check BASF

An assessment for all target groups

The digital readiness check is used to assess all target groups. Based on the test, subsequent professional development measures can be tailored to the users’ starting point.

The app can be accessed from all devices, and be used from the office computer or the mobile phone. The readiness check measured the user’s competence in five subject areas: mindset (growth or fixed), business models, collaboration, agile methods and technology & analytics.


Rather than testing knowledge based on abstract facts, the digital readiness check uses specific examples. That makes it easier for the user to transfer any new knowledge acquired to their daily life, and ensures that all employees understand the core of the questions. 

case study digitalisierung digital readiness check BASF

Kick-starting the transformation

The digital readiness check enabled the professional development organisers at BASF to quickly and clearly determine the standard of the employees’ digital education. Knowledge gaps were revealed and learning needs identified.

The test allowed employees to reflect on how much they actually know about digitalisation and digital work methods, and what else there was for them to discover. The readiness check therefore became the foundation for the subsequent group-wide education initiative aiming to enable all employees to utilise digitalisation for their own work in a smart way.

The digital readiness check is also available to the public at:

case study digitisation digital readiness check BASF
Target group
117,000 employees in 12 company divisions
Learning format
Digital Readiness Check
Decisions via swipe cards
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