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Employee benefits
There are many ways we help our employees do the best work of their lives.

Employee benefits

At imc, we've always known that if we created a relaxed, informal working environment and gave people all the resources they needed, they responded by doing great work. A good work-life balance is a key component of our imc philosophy.

For all our optional benefits, we live by the motto: flexibility for personal life and family.

Flexible working hours

If your schedule and position allow it, you can work your contracted hours flexibly.

Hybrid Work
Hybrid working

Working at home or in the imc office? We offer "Full flexibility, but not 100% remote". You can combine the advantages of both worlds depending on your personal preferences.

Flat hierarchies

Flat hierarchies and short decision-making paths lead to better and faster results.

Training & development

A dedicated, individual training program brings you closer to achieving your objectives.

Confidential counselling service

If you find yourself in a difficult personal situation, we can help you by providing independent confidential counselling.

Employee events

Not only do we enjoy working together, but we also like to socialise and celebrate together. We believe, joint activities strengthen our team spirit.

Sports & recreational activities

We stay fit together through mutual activities.

Employee referral programme

Refer an friend to us and receive a financial reward along with a new colleague.

Accident insurance

Within the scope of our accident insurance, you are insured even outside your working hours.

Special leave

Special events both planned and unplanned in life require your time. We offer special days off work, so that you can concentrate on the most important things in life.

International approach

We love working with colleagues and partners from all around the world.

Employee programmes

A variety of programmes perfectly adapted to your work needs and interests will bring an extra boost.

Icon representing Childcare
Childcare allowance

We support your family by contributing to your childcare costs in consultation with your line manager.


imc is pleased to contribute to your personal pension plan.

Savings allowance (VL)

Savers in Germany are especially rewarded: your payments that fall within the "vermögenswirksame Leistungen" are subsidised by imc.

Disability access

Disability access is standard in most imc offices.


In Germany, cyclists can get a fantastic deal with a Jobrad via imc.

Free parking

For our employees, parking is included at most locations.

Public transport

Most of our offices have good public transport connections and can be reached conveniently.

Employee discounts

Through our membership in the BITKOM Association, colleagues in Germany get access to exclusive discounts.

ErgoDesk neg
Height-adjustable desks

Standing desks for ergonomic working are available at some of our locations.

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Social spaces

Our offices include social spaces, where you can interact with your colleagues in a relaxed atmosphere.

Insurance Privat neg
Private hospital insurance

Colleagues in Romania benefit from our supplementary insurance for private emergency care in clinics.

E-bike charging stations

You can charge your e-bike free of charge in Saarbrücken - whether it's a bike you use for work or leisure.

'Job tickets'

In some German locations, employees can purchase job tickets for public transport at lower prices courtesy of imc.

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Fresh fruit

Fresh fruit is made available to employees for free at most of our offices.

Free confectionery

In some offices, employees with a sweet tooth can help themselves to free confectionery.

BahnCard rail pass

In some of our German locations, we offer a BahnCard for both professional and personal train travel.


Cooperative spirit and motivated teams

imc employees on a fun run

The community of colleagues and the work in diverse teams are the most convincing reasons to work at imc – according to our recent in-house survey. Everyone brings a different approach, skills and experiences to the table and that’s a good thing. We value the technical and cultural diversity and promote idea exchange. And we’re always having fun – team events always helping to boost team spirit.

Challenging and varied assignments

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We are software providers, consultants and a content agency in one, combining the advantages of all three fields. In all our department, we can say: Boredom and stagnation are alien to us. We always keep developing and can guarantee: No two days are the same. Your learning curve will continue to grow, and you will always can discover new fields.

We identify with what we do

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People are at the heart of our actions. With our products and projects, we do good: We help refugees integrate with learning aid content, we provide multilingual training courses on Ebola, we promote lifelong learning in general.

Autonomous work

employee working independently

What our employees’ value about our work culture is the many opportunities to work autonomously. From daily work planning to personal career development through specialisation, we are big on flexibility.

Inspiring work atmosphere

employees celebrating inspiration

Even as a medium-sized company, we have maintained our entrepreneurial spirit and start-up flair. You can smell that mix of fun, creativity and a hands-on mentality. Being on first-name terms is just as normal as a natter with the Executive Board. This spirit also serves to inspire renowned, international clients and continuously expand our portfolio.

Easy-to-reach offices and a modern working environment

imc's offices

We live the “modern workplace”. With our central locations and the right mix of open spaces and small offices, we provide the foundation for successful work. As an IT company, we pay attention to good hardware equipment that also enables remote working.