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What Connect Four and Software Architecture Have in Common
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Diversity · Reading time 3 min.
Diversity and Inclusion Isn’t Just for Diversity Week and Pride Month
This year, the international "Diversity and Inclusion Day" fell on Saturday, May 21, 2022. Since we knew that it would be difficult to reach our colleagues on Saturdays, we simply placed the entire week until then under the sign of diversity and inclusion at imc. (…) read more
Job Slot · Reading time 5 min.
From London to Saarbruecken or: How Bridget Jones met James Bond
In the Job Slot interview the International HR Manager Claire Raistrick from London reveals more about her career path, why she was shocked in a German supermarket and clears up some prejudices about HR. (…) read more
Diversity · Reading time 2 min.
This year, the imc Diversity & Inclusion programme has even more to offer
Ilse Henne about role models: "If we feel seen, supported, connected and feel proud of other women in our community, then we can be happier and being happier is the best way starting to learn and develop yourself!" (…) read more
Job Slot · Reading time 4 min.
Dream Job Hosting Engineer
Hosting is a male domain? Our interview partner Suwhathi proves this wrong! She reveals how she became a Hosting Engineer at imc. (…) read more
Move! · Reading time 5 min.
move! – New work at imc: Shaping the work culture of tomorrow
In the interview, we show what New Work looks like at imc and how a shared working environment is designed with the best possible results for everyone. (…) read more
Move! · Reading time 1 min.
move! – The New Work Report
Join us on our journey towards a new working culture and experience the opportunities, challenges and successes from the classic working world to the "new working" of the future. (…) read more
Job Slot · Reading time 3 min.
Traineeship in Office Management
Marc Müller, office management trainee at imc, reports about his journey and his personal experiences during the traineeship. (…) read more
Diversity · Reading time 4 min.
The Milestones 2021 of the Diversity & Inclusion Movement at imc
At the beginning of the year, we made a promise: we wanted to get something going in the field of diversity and inclusion (D&I) at imc. We wanted to turn theory into something that could be experienced: a participatory project with great offers. And let me tell you this much: we did it. (…) read more