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Work at imc
Job Slot · Reading time 4 min.
A Fine Line Between Genius and Madness: A Day in the Life of an IT-System Administrator
Between genius and madness: Because as IT-System Administrator you need patience, empathie and creativity. Learn more in the interview with Raffael Willems, Head of Internal IT at imc Learning. (…) read more
Diversity · Reading time 2 min.
Diversity and Inclusion at imc: How We Are Continuing to Walk the Talk
Diversity and inclusion is now an integral part of our corporate culture here at imc. Our workdays are generally pretty busy, obviously, but we will always find the time to champion this important issue and generate awareness of our initiatives. (…) read more
Job Slot · Reading time 6 min.
The rise of Mr. Hilarious – From a small garage start-up to Managing Director at imc
The rise of Mr. Hilarious – From a small garage start-up to Managing Director: No. We’re not talking a Hollywood script for a new Vince Vaughn comedy. We’re telling the story of a Managing Director at imc Austria. (…) read more
Job Slot · Reading time 5 min.
Teamwork makes the dream work: A Technical Consultant debunks the myth of the Hermit Techi
Hermit Techis? No way! We spoke to a Technical Consultant who debunks this myth and tells us what you need in his job. (…) read more
Job Slot · Reading time 5 min.
What Connect Four and Software Architecture Have in Common
What connects Software Architecture and Connect Four? In the latest Job Slot a Software Architect answer these and other questions... (…) read more
Diversity · Reading time 3 min.
Diversity and Inclusion Isn’t Just for Diversity Week and Pride Month
This year, the international "Diversity and Inclusion Day" fell on Saturday, May 21, 2022. Since we knew that it would be difficult to reach our colleagues on Saturdays, we simply placed the entire week until then under the sign of diversity and inclusion at imc. (…) read more
Job Slot · Reading time 5 min.
From London to Saarbruecken or: How Bridget Jones met James Bond
In the Job Slot interview the International HR Manager Claire Raistrick from London reveals more about her career path, why she was shocked in a German supermarket and clears up some prejudices about HR. (…) read more
Diversity · Reading time 2 min.
This year, the imc Diversity & Inclusion programme has even more to offer
Ilse Henne about role models: "If we feel seen, supported, connected and feel proud of other women in our community, then we can be happier and being happier is the best way starting to learn and develop yourself!" (…) read more
Job Slot · Reading time 4 min.
Dream Job Hosting Engineer
Hosting is a male domain? Our interview partner Suwhathi proves this wrong! She reveals how she became a Hosting Engineer at imc. (…) read more