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imc Education · Reading time 2 min.
Digital competences on the web
We show which competences students should have in order to be able to work confidently with digital media in class and to move safely on the Internet. (…) read more
LMS Hot Topics · Reading time 15 min.
The Ultimate eLearning Jargon Glossary 2022
LMS, LXP, SCORM, WBT, EPSS, CBT!? Lost in a world of e-learning abbreviations? In this list you will find the most important terms and abbreviations in the field of e-learning in 2021. (…) read more
imc Education · Reading time 2 min.
Learning management systems in schools – What constitutes a good learning platform?
Learning platforms enable digital exchange between teachers and learners. But not all LMSs are the same. You should consider in advance which criteria the learning platform in your school should fulfil and for which tasks it should be used. (…) read more
imc Education · Reading time 2 min.
Five basic guidelines for virtual classrooms
Virtual classrooms enable digital teaching and collaborative learning. But to make the lessons work well, we have summarised a few rules in an infographic. (…) read more
imc Education · Reading time 2 min.
Why do we need digital lessons?
Digital lessons is here to stay, not only since COVID-19. We have checked some related numbers and present them in a infographic. (…) read more
imc Education · Reading time 3 min.
Go-Lab premium: free of charge
Go-Lab is a web-based platform that combines interactive online experiments with classic classroom teaching. Diana Dikke, Innovation Project Manager at imc, has summarized the most important information. (…) read more
Miscellaneous ·
Empowering the Employee – A Key Theme for 2021
Rethinking Corporate Learning - what we can expect in 2021? Daniel from Australia shares his thoughts about how to empower your employees. (…) read more
E-Learning Punk ·
Dr. Fabian Kempf: The specialist for virtual classrooms in our Punky Talk
read article
E-Learning Punk ·
Virtual classroom: Let blackboard and teacher's desk shine in new splendour
Find out how a virtual classroom works, what you should pay attention to and which providers offer virtual classrooms software. (…) read more