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LMS Hot Topics · Reading time 4 min.
LMS Rollouts: Theory vs. Practice
Things often sound far simpler in theory than they are in practice. Checklists hold out the promise of smooth implementation processes, but more often than not they’re all theory and no practice. That’s why our guide to learning management system (LMS) rollouts is more than just a checklist. (…) read more
LMS Hot Topics · Reading time 3 min.
Implementing a New Learning Platform: First Impressions Count!
First impression count! Also when it comes to implementing a new learning platform. We tell you which pifalls to avoid. (…) read more
Miscellaneous · Reading time 1 min.
Expert Interview with Sven R. Becker
Sven R. Becker, Executive Board Member of imc, gave some insights into how a digital learning platform helps businesses train their employees more efficiently. (…) read more
Miscellaneous · Reading time 3 min.
The Future of the Commonwealth Games LMS
What will the digital learning platform of the Commonwealth Games look like in the future? imc is the chosen LMS partner for a sustainable, cost-effective and efficient approach for the Commonwealth Games in 2026 & 2030. (…) read more
LMS Hot Topics · Reading time 5 min.
Development Paths: Moving Beyond Learning Paths
Learning paths have been part of corporate learning for a while, but they’re not being used to their full potential. Learning paths offer more than just a way of providing short-term training for employees; they can be an absolute game changer in the fight to overcome skills shortages. (…) read more
Miscellaneous · Reading time 5 min.
How to compile an LMS RfP requirements document
Creating a good Request for Proposal can simplify your decision-making to find the right LMS. With hundreds of learning management systems (LMS) on the market today, deciding which one is right for you can be a complicated process. (…) read more
Miscellaneous · Reading time 5 min.
Creating the Perfect Learning Experience for a Remote or Hybrid Workforce
While many large organisations were already putting resources into digital transformation, our workforce is now more dispersed, with hybrid and remote working looking like it’s here to stay. (…) read more
Miscellaneous · Reading time 4 min.
Examples of a Good Learning Experience
What does a good learning experience look like? Here we offer examples of a good learning experience from a handful of our projects. (…) read more
Miscellaneous · Reading time 5 min.
Training Digitisation – Leverage Knowledge Sharing Among Your People
Here we look at the important topics of knowledge sharing and training digitisation, with tips on how to leverage the experience of your employees to improve performance and future-proof your business. (…) read more