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Why partner training should be part of your business strategy
Your partners’ success is your success and in order for your partners to be successful, it’s your job to support them in every way you can. Training plays a pivotal role in this. This is how to get started. (…) read more
Empowering the Employee – A Key Theme for 2021
Rethinking Corporate Learning - what we can expect in 2021? Daniel from Australia shares his thoughts about how to empower your employees. (…) read more
Redefining Your Organisation’s Learning and Development Strategy
Companies will need to redefine their organisation’s learning and development strategy in 2021, says Daniel Antman from imc Australia. (…) read more
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Learning Analytics and Business Outcome
Constant trainings are important, but they have to support the business outcome. That's why L&D professionals should deal with Learning Analytics. (…) read more
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Informal learning, the everyday hero of work
Informal learning is like cycling and the everyday hero of work, says imc learning expert Nick Petch. (…) read more
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LMS Hot Topics: Science fiction or near future?
Onboarding can already be integrated into existing learning management systems. But Hanna's example shows that this is only the beginning. (…) read more
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Stop boring Software-Trainings!
No more boring software trainings! That's the mission of learning expert Expertin Sarah Hillmann. She explains the how-to in the interview. (…) read more