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LMS Hot Topics · Reading time 5 min.
Learning ecosystem: A universe of Learning
To successfully establish a Learning Ecosystem wthin a company-wide LMS, the technical requirements must be right. We reveal which stumbling blocks you better avoid and how employees can be optimally integrated. (…) read more
Future of Work · Reading time 5 min.
Future of Work: Interview with Çiğdem Uzunoğlu
Competence transfer thanks to digital games? It's possible! In an interview with Çiğdem Uzunoğlu, we explain how computer games and continuing education fit together and how they can be used effectively. (…) read more
Reading time 3 min.
Benefits of LMS and LXP Integration
Merging LMS and LXP into an integrated platform will create the best possible user experience and improve corporate learning processes. (…) read more
LMS Hot Topics · Reading time 3 min.
Where wasted potential lurks for companies
Your external partner network needs as much training as your own employees. Learn how that works with a strong Learning Management System and how to turn a learning curve into an earning curve. (…) read more
Reading time 3 min.
Integrate LXP into an LMS
The evolution of modern learning technology by integrating an LXP into an LMS. (…) read more
Reading time 5 min.
Gamified Learning to Drive Learner Motivation
How does gamified learning increase employees' motivation and help them build their skills in the workplace? (…) read more
Reading time 5 min.
Multi-tenancy LMS solutions
A multi-tenancy LMS is a single learning management system instance that serves various learner groups with differing training needs. Here we look at multi-tenancy LMS solutions, including a definition, the types of organisations that leverage them, and how imc can help clients to maximise their effectiveness to deliver training across diverse groups of learners. (…) read more
E-Learning Punk · Reading time 4 min.
Digital Learning Journey
Reaching the destination with the right blend of formats: Digital learning journeys capitalise on the strengths of each learning format to create a motivating learning experience (…) read more
Learning and connection for the future: What companies should consider in 2021 – part 2
imc's customer learning connect event for the APAC region took place virtually this year. We summarised the highlights, here is part 2. (…) read more