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Easy and accessible content creation – even in stormy seas

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Aprendio is a Danish start-up enabling high impact learning
in the maritime and renewable energy sectors.


Training to drive the green transition

Aprendio is a dynamic and scaling business and has ultra-expertise in its domain. Mikkel Hansen, CEO & Co-founder with more than 25 years of experience in the industry, explains: "The maritime and renewable energy sectors are rapidly changing – they are vital in enabling the huge ‘green’ transition as they help drive the world’s shift towards a green economy.

The need for additional and highly trained staff has never been greater with millions of new jobs being created globally."


To support the strong demand for better and faster training content, Aprendio needed to find a suitable authoring tool. Key considerations were the fast creation of e-learning content that was easy to distribute to learners anywhere in the world, and ease of accessibility.

aprendio ship

Creating accessible, impactful content that can reach professionals anywhere

Aprendio reviewed many of the leading authoring tools, including imc Express. They found that the market was divided broadly into advanced tools and easy-to-use tools. As their focus is making an impact quickly for their clients’ organisations, Aprendio did not want a complex tool that would take them and their customers a long time to master and use.


“We especially liked the intuitiveness of imc Express and the quality of its output versus other tools.”


In Mikkel’s experience, one of the key factors to ensure a learner’s success is the language.  Therefore, the automatic translation feature of imc Express is a great help for them. Because only if a learner really understands what they learn, they can internalise it, which is highly important especially when it comes to security training on ships.


The other critical element was for diverse, easily accessible content, which imc Express’ video and audio features provide, allowing learners to watch and listen while they practice or learn technical tasks. Mikkel summarises:


“We need to break-down barriers to learning and help people do their jobs well. imc Express allows us to do this.”


Bye bye old-fashioned learning materials, hello modern, accessible content!

Within a very short period, Aprendio have been able to deliver hundreds of additional high impact trainings to learners, and make learning shorter, smarter and more relevant. Mikkel said:


“I’ve actually been sitting onboard a ship, with a satellite connection, using imc Express to convert training they had made onboard into a course.”


“imc Express allows you to get training content in your learner’s hands fast. Not in a matter of months or weeks, but hours.”


The KPIs at a glance:


  • Small team produced more than 60 training contents in less than 1 month from onboarding
  • 50 % of Aprendio training content is now produced in imc Express
  • Took creation of digital learning from months and weeks, down to hours
60 training contents < one month
Learning format
50 % of content produced in imc Express
Creation time
From months > hours
Mikkel Navarro Hansen – CEO & Co-founder – Aprendio
The maritime and renewable energy sectors offer fantastic places to work – but this work is filled with risk which requires you are properly trained.
Mikkel Hansen
CEO & Co-founder
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kiwirail vehicle travelling through mountain pass
Case Study

Unifying an Organisation Under One Learning Management System

kiwirail logo

KiwiRail is New Zealand’s national rail network operator and one of the largest transport employers in New Zealand. They have over 4,200 permanent staff and more than 6,500 contractors.


Their employees are split over five distinct business units: KiwiRail Freight, Interislander, KiwiRail Passenger, KiwiRail Infrastructure & Engineering and KiwiRail Corporate.

obsolete system


Replacing ageing systems


KiwiRail required a single Learning Management System (LMS) for its five business units and over 5,000 users.


They had been using ageing and inflexible systems which were inefficient for the business because they did not communicate with one another.


Ensuring that the LMS met compliance

imc needed to ensure that the new platform, based on their Learning Management System imc Learning Suite, met critical safety business processes, skill competencies and compliance with legislation.


Another challenge was ensuring the system reduced administrative efforts and costs whilst also improving KiwiRail’s data quality and availability.

railway extends into mountain range

One source of truth for all business functions

imc built one system which helped KiwiRail to undertake a variety of business functions. These included:

  • A way for employees and contractors where they can find and register for training
  • The ability for employees to track their progress and manage their career training goals
  • A method for the business to manage skills, certificates and competencies
  • Enhancing managers’ ability to monitor and report on what their staff are completing


This system also helped to reduce costs across the business through the synchronisation of the HR system within the LMS.

It benefited KiwiRail by providing them with a platform that is accessible anywhere, with all records consolidated in one place.


Another highlight of implementing this new system was the topic of compliance. The system tracks safety, regulatory and legislative compliance training requirements. It helped to ensure that all of these are met with the ability to deliver company-wide reporting.


Efficient management of all rail personnel

The integration of all old systems into one new LMS helped to ensure the efficient management of all certifications and career developments across all business units. In addition, it gave KiwiRail the opportunity to further enhance their training access within their organisation.


This meets the individual requirements of the five different business units by providing one complete view across the enterprise. The new system is still being flexible enough to allow creativity and innovation across business units.

mockup of kiwirail LMS
Fulfillment of compliance requirements
Cost reduction across all business units
Relevant & up-to-date learning courses
Icon representing Avatar Quiz apps
“We are excited about the opportunities the system will give KiwiRail to further enhance training access in the organisation. It will provide one complete view across the enterprise, whilst still being flexible enough to allow creativity and innovation across business units.”
LMS Coordinator
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case study serious game customer reference linde material handling
Case Study
Linde Material Handling

Two gold awards for
serious game

case study serious game customer reference linde material handling

Linde Material Handling develops high-performance intralogistics solutions tailored to specific needs, enabling its customers to achieve long-term competitive advantages.

The company is one of the biggest forklift and warehousing equipment manufacturers in the world.


It has been setting the standard for industrial truck, fleet management, driver assistance system and service solutions for over 50 years. Linde has more than 13,000 employees worldwide.


Playful knowledge transfer

With its new, playful training, Linde Material Handling is pursuing two key goals: Transfer the necessary basic knowledge in the field of intralogistics to all colleagues worldwide, while raising awareness of challenges and improvement potentials in intralogistics among all employees.

case study serious game customer reference linde material handling

A virtual learning environment in the
form of a serious game

The serious game “City of Goods” developed by imc is set in a distribution centre and structured in five training stations. The learner takes on the role of a new employee, receiving a virtual tour of the warehouse.

They gain an insight into different roles and challenges in the workplace, such as high rate of packaging errors, storage space problems or unsafe working conditions. 


Each learning station comprises an entrance area, one or two rooms and an office. In the virtual learning environment, the learner communicates with colleagues and obtains first-hand information on the issues at hand and the areas that require action. The player earns points by finding the right solution. Once a certain number of points has been achieved, the player is given access to the office. Here, they must explain the solution they came up with and implemented, before earning a minimum number of points to successfully complete the station.

The game is presented in 3D to make the simulation as realistic as possible.

case study serious game customer reference linde material handling

Gold for “City of Goods”

At the 20th World Media Festival in Hamburg, “City of Goods” scored not once, but twice: The jury of the Television & Corporate Media Awards honoured the serious game with an intermedia-globe Gold Award in the Learning Programmes category.

To top it off, Linde and imc received the Grand Award for best submission in a main category.

case study serious game customer reference linde material handling
Target audience
13,000 employees
Learning format
Serious Game
Virtual learning enviroment
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case study lms blended learning customer reference lufthansa aviation training
Case Study
Lufthansa Aviation Training

Taking off safely with LMS and
blended learning

case study lms blended learning customer reference lufthansa aviation training

Lufthansa Aviation Training (LAT) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lufthansa AG, providing training and development for flying personnel in a global market since 1997. In addition to the flight operations of the Lufthansa Group, more than 200 other airlines also have their crews trained by LAT.

The product portfolio includes basic training of pilots and flight attendants, flight simulator training, emergency and service training. 


Strict guidelines and highly flexible
training content

Highest quality standards for pilots and flight attendants: That is the mission of Lufthansa Aviation Training (LAT). To achieve this goal, the company utilises proven didactic concepts, experience and state-of-the-art learning technologies. The wholly-owned subsidiary of the Lufthansa Group is among the pioneers in the use of e-learning in training and development. Even in the 1990s, the company employed multimedia web-based and computer-based training courses, transitioning from face-to-face events to an online format. 


However, this was still not enough to achieve swift implementation of the different airline’s diverging requirements. Moreover, guidelines and instructions from the Federal Aviation Office (LBA) must be strictly observed, often requiring inclusion in the curriculum.

“LAT’s training business is very volatile. When one of our clients buys new aircraft, defines new learning content or needs more flight attendants, we must be able to respond quickly,” says E-Learning Team Leader Udo Link at LAT. The solutions the company had in place were no longer sufficient. A consistent, modern and professional development platform had to be implemented that would instantly be ready for action.

case study lms blended learning customer reference lufthansa aviation training

Learning management system in the cloud

In the summer of 2010, LAT decided to implement a learning management system (LMS). Choosing imc as their supplier was an easy decision: At the headquarters of the Lufthansa Group, the imc Learning Suite was already a great success.

LAT decided on the cloud-based version of the multiple award-winning imc Learning Suite, the learning management system by imc. Together with Microsoft, imc is offering an instantly available and easily scalable LMS solution as Software as a Service. It allows LAT to always respond flexibly to changes in real time, both in relation to the number of trainees and the learning content. The LMS also facilitates smooth and intelligent dovetailing of online training and pure face-to-face training. 


For instance, future flight attendants must complete a 2-day online training course before arriving for their first face-to-face training. With this approach, LAT ensures that all participants are sufficiently prepared and have the same level of knowledge. The Learning Suite facilitates the implementation of a uniform and consistent blended learning approach while significantly reducing administration costs.

case study lms blended learning customer reference lufthansa aviation training

Flexibility and furthering motivated learners

Following a test phase, the entire curriculum for flight attendant training was transitioned to the blended learning concept with the Learning Suite. LAT primarily utilised LMS-based e-learning to provide trainee flight attendants with straightforward access to learning content at any time and from anywhere.  


Being able to implement changes and adaptations swiftly also played a key role for the Lufthansa training centre. LAT leverages the full spectrum of comprehensive imc learning technology, way beyond the basic functions of the LMS such as provision of multimedia learning content, participant administration and tutor support. 


LAT firmly believes that highly motivated learners achieve better results and promotes this. For example, trainees can use mediated chats to speak to a tutor in the chatroom. A self test is scheduled at the end of any major learning unit, allowing each participant to assess their own performance. LAT uses mandatory tests for the Federal Aviation Office’s (LBA) learning content that requires documentation. A certificate is issued to prove a participant has passed such a test.

case study lms blended learning customer reference lufthansa aviation training
Target audience
Air traffic controllers, pilots & flight attendants
Tools & Service
Consultation & LMS
Effficient Blended Learning
Photo of Udo Link
We see that the Learning Suite made many things possible that used to be a challenge in the past. The professional development processes are quicker and easier to map and administer.
Udo Link
E-Learning Team Leader
Lufthansa Aviation Training
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