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    Well trained partners lead to success

What is an Extended Enterprise?

The concept of the extended enterprise or partner relationships outside your own workforce is increasingly becoming an agenda item for many corporates who are challenged with upskilling their external front line staff on the latest products or services.

Your audience might include a mixture of stakeholders such as suppliers, distributors, partners and technical support.

Extended Enterprise - Benefits

Did you know that a training strategy that includes the entire business network of your company, represents a significant competitive advantage?

Well trained and certified partners, whether in sales, customer service and support, quality management or purchasing, enjoy more trust and ensure:

Faster development of new markets

More sales

Fewer support requests

The establishment of a successful and efficient training system that also goes beyond the boundaries of the business, presents many companies with challenges – as users who do not belong to the company and mostly learn voluntarily must be addressed differently. Learning contents has to be tailored to the needs of the learner, i.e. has to be relevant to him. Besides, the presentation of the learning content is critical.

A direct relationship between Extended Enterprise Training and business success can be demonstrated by:

Greater customer loyalty

Savings in time and money

New customer acquisition

But this is not all. If you train customers on the product itself, it is more likely that the product will be used properly and fewer support requests are made. In addition training contents and certificates can be sold, providing an entirely new revenue stream. Training costs will be lower as training materials can be reused, travel and trainer costs are reduced or completely eliminated.

IMC Learning Suite – solution for your challenges

Our multi-client Learning Management System IMC Learning Suite can be adapted to the needs of different target groups and supports the implementation of training concepts beyond the boundaries of your business with the following features:

Intuitive user interface

Intelligent certificate management

Maximum flexibility thanks to responsive design

Access to online payment systems, i.e. PayPal

Immediate availability and optimal scalability because of cloud hosting

Individually configurable work flows

Detailed information

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A selection of our testimonials

Extended Enterprise Learning at Eppendorf AG

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Extended Enterprise in practice

Our expert knowledge for you

ZEISS Vision Care, a division within the ZEISS Group, uses the IMC Learning Suite for the implementation of its visionary advanced training project. ZEISS Vision Care’s advanced training platform, which is based on IMC’s Learning Management System, is used for the global training of external customers as well as internal training of the division’s personnel. This makes the internal training courses available in up to nine languages and in more than 40 countries. External customers can already access the comprehensive range of training courses in 22 countries. The training contents include technical information in optics, information about ZEISS products as well as sales and consultation strategies. ZEISS and IMC were awarded the prestigious Brandon Hall Gold Award in the “Best Advance in Creating an Extended Enterprise Learning Program” category for this innovative project. More information in the related Press Release.

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