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The cloud solutions of IMC

“Cloud computing will be one of the most important growth markets in the near future”, according to Christian P. Illek, chairman of the management board at Microsoft Germany, as he writes in his blog. Even at a very early stage, IMC has recognised the opportunities and potential of  cloud computing and is therefore now offering its Learning Management System, IMC Learning Suite, and its Electronic Performance Support System, IMC Process Guide, as well as classical on-premise solutions via the cloud. Depending on individual requirements, different solutions are available  – from the public and private cloud models to a customer cloud in the form of a shop solution – and thanks to its longstanding experience in the e-learning industry, IMC is able to support its customers to find the best solution for their specific requirements. The following text provides you with an overview about the characteristics of cloud computing in general as well as the different solution models.

IMC is awarded Microsoft gold cloud platform competency.

Microsoft has now acknowledged this spirit of innovation by awarding IMC the gold cloud platform competency. This award is given to partners who have specialised in the provision of infrastructures and SaaS solutions for Microsoft Azure. Companies with this competency not only need to fulfill certain turnover criteria and be able to present references, they also need to prove their Azure Cloud expertise in a test.

The following text provides you with an overview about the characteristics of cloud computing in general as well as the different solution models.

Discover the Cloud

Cloud computing is the term for when data is saved in a data cloud and administered centrally on different remote servers, rather than physically stored inside the computer centre of a company. Companies can access this data at any time via the internet or a private network, for example the internal corporate intranet.

Cloud computing dynamically adapts IT infrastructures such as computing capacities and data storage to the clients’ respective needs; the pricing model of a cloud solution is based on the pay-as you-go principle, which means that companies only pay for the services they really need. Therefore, cloud computing offers companies high capacity flexible solutions and low infrastructure costs at the same time.

In a nutshell, cloud computing offers the following benefits:

  • Application programs are separated from the hardware and are accessible via networks such as the intranet, regardless of time and place.
  • In classic computer centres, the initial investment is generally large as peak time capacity needs to be accommodated and paid for, despite the fact that IT capacity often remains unused during off-peak hours. With cloud computing, on-peak/off-peak differences in consumption can be taken into consideration by the pay-per-use model.
  • Save on costs of expensive hard- and software as well as the administrative tasks which are no longer required with a cloud solution.
  • Thanks to redundant storage, there is no danger of damage caused by hardware failures. 

A cloud solution for every requirement

There are various cloud options available to you, depending on your company requirement:

Public Cloud: This solution is particularly suitable for small and medium-sized companies with a low demand for storage and computation capacities, as well as low budgets. Further, this solution is suitable for companies that require technical support for both hardware and software administration and who therefore wish to use the software only as end users. IMC offers these customers its Public Cloud Solutions (also known as “Software as a Service").

Private Cloud: This solution is particularly suitable for clients with a higher demand for storage and computation capacities as well as for clients who wish to carry out the company-specific software configuration themselves. These clients, who decide to outsource hardware administration while managing the administration of their software themselves, have the option to use the Private Cloud Solutions by IMC (also known as “Platform as a service”).

Shop: IMC also provides the option to purchase and host the Process Guide directly via the Azure Marketplace. This shop variant is particularly suitable for companies who wish to manage the cloud solution themselves or to support their own customers with an application which is managed via the Marketplace. This is particularly attractive solution for consulting companies. Further, this solution is suitable for customers who wish to test the application first.

The following table offers an overview of the different models:

Public CloudIMCIMC
Private CloudIMCCustomer



Very often, the difference between the “public” and “private” cloud is not obvious. For clarity, the characteristics of both models are displayed below:

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