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    Online learning on land, at sea and in the air

Logistics and transport industry

In order to meet highest quality standards when it comes to German cars and to bring people and goods to their respective destinations, the logistics and transport industries constantly need well-trained staff in a wide variety of functions. The industry, however, also has very specific education and training needs that vary according to the respective branch, from sea freight to road and rail transport to air freight.

Challenges for sea freight, examples

Registration largely in private hands resulting in different rules and standards.

Cost pressure among shipping companies is very high, in order to keep up with global competition.

Access to the internet is not always available, e.g. when crossing military areas.

Challenges for road transport, examples

Numerous regulations and requirements.

High percentage of migrant workers among employees could lead to language barriers.

New topics like conscious driving to increase fuel efficiency become more and more important.

Challenges for air transport, examples

Constantly changing learning content, e.g. with the introduction of new aircrafts.

Smooth communication and cooperation inside the cockpit between pilot and copilot are vital.

Dangerous situations and the most demanding take-off and landing procedures need to be trained and simulated.

Challenges for rail transport, examples

High requirements regarding safety, dealing with authorities and in terms of the legal situation.

A large part of staff is constantly on the move and does not have a fixed computer workstation.

The possibility to efficiently use idle times, e.g. while waiting for the departure notice by having a bite of content on a tablet.

The various challenges in the respective area show very clearly how important the role of flexibility is and that often highly specific training models are needed. E-learning is an unparalleled possibility to quickly and cost-efficiently train large numbers of employees and to react to changing requirements with a certain level of flexibility.

Our Solution

Standardized courses

Regardless of the differences between the industries, the possible damage caused by insufficiently trained employees is tremendous throughout all of the logistics and transport industries. Consequently, compliance training and safety briefings are relevant throughout the industry. Our Compliance Training contains seven modules to ensure that your staff knows about the basics in terms of e.g. work safety. These modules can be obtained individually or as part of a package and can be adapted to your corporate identity. With 20 years of experience in e-learning and having received the “Brandon Hall Silver Award” for “Best in Compliance Training”, we are experts when it comes to the implementation of efficient compliance trainings.


Customised Solutions

A wide range of key players in logistics and transportation already benefiting from our learning technology and e-learning content. In each of our customer projects, we take a look at the company-specific requirements and create the content and the learning format according to the needs specified.

IMC Learning Journey

Imagine, you want to train your staff in occupational safety and health (OSH) . In order for your staff to recognize hazards and to act accordingly, they first need general instructions. Then, they need to receive information, explanations and procedures tailored to their individual tasks and job situations.


Introductory video

With a SmartShow you will have a couple of minutes to convey what the training is about and how to recognize hazardous situations instantly. This will help you to sensitize your target audience for the following teaching units.

Web-based training

In a web-based training your staff will learn about legal principles in work safety and about company specific guidelines.

An additional Video training can help visualize step-by-step processes for target audiences with little e-learning experience, e.g. on safely loading and unloading a truck. The more realistic the scenarios selected, the higher the identification with the content shown.

Would you like to create your own content? IMC Content Studio, IMC’s authoring software allows you to quickly and easily create training content for any device. Just like bus and HGV drivers, train staff and flight attendants are constantly on the go, so a mobile solution for tablets and smartphones is just what you need. A learning app provides access to the respective content, even without access to the internet. Consequently, break times, e.g. at a motorway service station, can be used for short training intervals.

Progress control, reminder service and knowledge tests

With IMC Learning Suite, you get to plan and manage your company-wide training from a central location. E.g., you can have the LMS send automatic reminders to all those members of staff out in the field, who have not yet completed their training.

Knowledge application

Simulations give you an opportunity to train hazardous situations in a way that would be impossible during a standard theory training session. Modern flight simulators depict real situations and can move into the position of any possible flight attitude. So without taking any risks, you can train pilots in the most difficult of take-off and landing procedures, prior to the pilot actually approaching an airport for the first time.

On-the-job training

Once your staff have passed the test, they have qualified for on-the-job training. With IMC Process Guide, you can help your staff work their way through processes in their everyday job and provide context-based support in real-time. So you can directly inform all members of staff about the new and tightened security regulations as soon as they have come into force.

Reporting and documentation

Have your staff acknowledge receipt of critical prompts, e.g. on regular loading of cargo. Then, these confirmations and possible process deviations can automatically be saved in compliance reports. These reports will help you prepare for official audits.

A selection of our testimonials

  • How to teach staff basic competences like reading, writing and simple calculations? ARBEIT UND LEBEN, the faculty KES, and IMC have developed a video-based learning program with simulations.

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  • In 2014, IMC and concepTV were awarded the Comenius EduMedia Siegel for job safety with their multimedia DVD “Professionals at the ramp”. The DVD had been produced for BG Verkehr, the German staff organization for transport, postal and telecommunications workers.

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  • Together with IMC, the national railway network operator and one of the largest employers in New Zealand’s transportation industry developed a modern learning system.

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