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    Expert Knowledge

    A Digital Training Podcast

IMC Expert Knowledge: Digital Training

In the new podcast series IMC e-learning experts and external speakers are talking about different trends and topics in digital training.

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  • Episode 1: Personalised Learning

    Natalya Welch, Learning Solutions Consultant in Singapore, is talking about personalised learning. She has extensive international e-learning experience: after working in London, Melbourne, she now brings her expertise to our Singaporean client projects. Natalya believes that personalised learning gives the learners the opportunity to take control and responsibility for their own development based on their interest and abilities. The relevancy of the learning is therby highly important to keep the learners focussed.


Vivien Porath
Marketing Manager

Since the start of 2017 Vivien is working at IMC as a Marketing Manager. Next to whitepapers, infographics, webinars and articles, she is producing podcasts to provide e-learning expert knowledge to the audience.

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