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  • Infographic: Promote human rights and fundamental freedoms

Cultural Diversity Day Goal 4:
Promote human rights and fundamental freedoms

Improving human rights begins with engendering respect for one another and appreciation of different cultures. On a micro level, this extends to office politics. The sad truth is that not everyone understands workplace rights or the norms of respect for one’s colleagues, even when they’re all from the same background. Adding cultural differences into that mix makes it an even bigger challenge.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. E-learning solutions can be used to teach cultural sensitivity and mutual respect for one another, just as they can be used for teaching computer programs or everyday job processes.

Besides being an effective and flexible option, online sensitivity training is also discreet. This is a big advantage in that discussing cultural differences in person can be uncomfortable. People might react angrily to a sincere question they interpret as clueless (“That’s a stupid question!”), and others might not ask such a question in the first place because they fear that response, with the end result of remaining ignorant. An e-training program can avoid this and ensure a safe space for asking questions and getting straight answers. It can also provide users with additional information and perspectives if need be, and provide for person to person contact where both parties are comfortable with it.

The more we all understand one another – and our cultural backgrounds – the better we get along. Online training can help your team overcome differences and achieve harmony and understanding.


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