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  • Infographic Cultural Diversity Day Goal 1: Support sustainable systems of governance for culture

Cultural Diversity Day Goal 1:
Support sustainable systems of governance for culture

Respecting cultural diversity is a crucial element of maintaining a respectful work environment. Just as people have different styles of learning and working, their personal beliefs and traditions can have an impact on relations within the office.

No matter how subtle that impact might be, it can cause problems if others fail to recognize and respect the values and beliefs in which it is rooted. Dietary observations, relations between women and men, or even items kept on a team member’s desk can all be reflections of cultural differences. The better your whole team appreciates those differences, the more harmonious and productive your office community will be. 

That’s an easy principle to support, but teaching your team all they need to know can be a challenge. For one thing, every office is different in terms of the mix of cultures it plays host to. The prevailing cultural climate will vary, too, as will the track record of different team members getting along (or not).

A bespoke learning management system can help meet that challenge. You can provide team members with reality-based situations in a setting where incorrect answers won’t cause offense or bruised feelings. Team members can provide content explaining their values and practices for all to learn, and can even let others know if they’re open to discussing the topics in person.

Communicating about cultural differences isn’t always easy. But it can be made easier, and it can be a part of a mutually respectful work environment for everyone.


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