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Electronic Performance Support System – IMC Process Guide

Informal Learning - GPS for Software

Is your organisation forever training new staff or upskilling long-term staff on new software or company processes? You might be surprised by exactly how much time is wasted on formal training which is then promptly forgotten. Did you know that employees acquire about 80% of their knowledge “on-the-job”?

IMC Process Guide is an electronic performance support system (EPSS), or in other words GPS for software. The system assists users while they are using a software or carrying out a process by providing context-sensitive information up-to-date. This on-the-job training approach enables informal learning, reduces errors and boosts productivity.

To learn more about electronic performance support systems, view the Intro Webinar, too.

Discover how much money Process Guide could save your company

This calculation has been designed with medium sized companies in mind. If your input is lower than the suggested minimum, please ask us for a personalised quote.

£ 142,080
of potential yearly savings on employee and helpdesk staff hours

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Process Guide provides

Context-sensitive pop-up navigation within an application

Software training on specific company processes

Process support for employees as and when they require it in their everyday work (Microlearning on-the-job)

A significant unburdening of the helpdesk

Selected Features

Universally applicable

Works with all company applications - from well-known ERP or CRM systems to web applications and unique corporate software.


Thanks to latest detection technology, Process Guide recognizes which application and field a user is working in and provides relevant information.

Performance Support

Users are guided step-by-step through all company-specific work processes across multiple platforms, depending on their individual roles.

Immediate helpdesk contact

At the touch of a button employees can record their screen and send it to the helpdesk.

Authoring options

Content creators can create media for various user groups in several languages in just a few steps.


User behavior can be made available in the form of reports, for example via compliance records.

Web Guide

Available as a web client. It is not necessary to install the software on the user´s computer. Content is available in any browser and on any device.


Interested in current and previous updates in our system?
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  • Guides through any application
  • Context-relevant assistance in real-time
  • Reduces missing or incorrect entries
  • Saves time spent looking for information
  • Reduces training costs
  • Standardisation and optimisation of processes
  • Supports compliance training on-the-job
  • Improves helpdesk efficiency

What's your scenario?

Simplify compliance measures

Do you want to make sure that your employees execute business processes from start to finish in accordance with corporate and legal guidelines?

Streamline SAP processes

Is SAP still a nightmare for your employees? When using SAP, do processes like creating a customer invoice become a challange in your company?
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Communicate changes

Do you need to ensure permanent internal and external changes are dealt with efficiently?

Facilitate sales processes

Do you want to provide employees, for example your sales team, with information relevant for their specific job role and associated tasks?
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Tell us about your application landscape, your business processes, your compliance risks and your users´problems and we´ll deliver a GPS system exclusively for your company use case.

Process Guide is used by our customers to support a range of systems, such as:


In the field of knowledge management, no tool has had such an impact on me as Process Guide.

Dr. Gabriel Dohmen, Trainers4Training


The easy handling and operation of feedback is particularly helpful and offers very good support for the interactive communication of users and consultants.

Michael Heil, Board Member of the German institute for cybernetic planning and construction and project coordinator of the research project eMasterCraft


Process Guide feels like an easy-to-use user support. Help is available immediately.

Hannu Sarikka, Lahti Parish Union

Read the complete interview with Hannu Sarikka to learn how the organization profits from IMC’s Process Guide.


IMC provides Process Guide as a classic on-premise or as a cloud solution.

We work closely with Microsoft to offer our customers the best. Process Guide is Microsoft Azure Certified, meaning the solution has been carefully vetted for compatibility with Azure and is now available in the Azure Marketplace, Microsoft’s cloud platform store.

Microsoft supports the international standard for data security in the cloud “ISO/IEC 27018”.

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