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Learning Management System - IMC Learning Suite

Looking for a world class e-learning solution, powerful and flexible training platform and learning technology that is not only easy to use but also provides real efficiencies across all forms of training and development for your business or organisation?

Are you new to learning technologies and thinking about implementing digital training platform in your company, but don’t know where to start?

Are you an experienced HR manager or training specialist and looking for a smart e-learning system and training platform to provide you a comprehensive and detailed picture of development processes in your company?

Do you require a strong and comprehensive compliance e-learning software? Is an effective on-boarding and seamless integrated on-the-job training an important issue for your company?


You’ve found the best LMS system that helps you to achieve, what you need!


IMC Learning Suite offers truly tailored and comprehensive end-to-end training management and delivery on enterprise level. With worldwide applications and numerous awards, our ready-to-go, smart e-learning system is the answer to all your requirements and needs.

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Discover what makes IMC Learning Suite so special

Unlimited Configurability

Individual, scalable and flexible training platform for any company or organisation regardless of their size or industry. You can easily and with the utmost precision shape our LMS system completely in line with your individual requirements and needs. Take advantage of our pre-defined learning technologies for small, medium as well as large enterprises.

Feature Deep

IMC’s learning technology enables you to launch highly customisable, holistic training programs for each of your target groups and each tenant. True and complete multitenancy support and configurable workflows allow you to securely and conveniently mould the e-learning system for every different business unit in any direction you need.

Seamless User Experience

Learners can decide when and where to access their e-learning platform. Use whatever is at hand: desktop, notebook, tablet or smartphone. IMC Learning Suite’s cutting edge user interface is fresh, modern and responsive taking the barriers out of accessing learning materials and working optimally across all devices. We can even skin the e-learning platform according to your corporate identity: transfer the logo, colors, look and feel of your company! 

Secure, scalable and integrates into your existing environment

The IMC Learning Suite is second to none in terms of security, scalability and technical architecture. Available as cloud LMS as a fully managed learning technology powered by the secure and instantly scalable Microsoft Azure cloud or as an on-premise licence to be installed on your own servers. Open integration layers allow us to integrate with virtually any existing system. IMC is certified according to ISO 27001 and fulfils the highest security standards when it comes to highly sensitive data.

Gain insights into the world of the IMC Learning Suite

The very distinctive feature of IMC Learning Suite is its unique flexibility combined with the intuitive user interface, allowing you to easily create a very individual learning environment that can be exactly defined according to your requirements and needs.

  • Personalisation: Welcome learners with a personalised message

  • Personalisation: Offer individual learning recommendations

  • Gamification: Watch your learning progress and track further goals

  • Gamification: Honour special achievements with attractive badges

  • Gamification: Make excellence visible and comparable

  • Seamless CMS integration: Make learning an integrated part of your company

  • Seamless CMS integration: Make learning an integrated part of your company

  • Seamless CMS integration: Make learning an integrated part of your company

Thanks to its unique range of functions, unlimited amount of configuration and integration options the IMC Learning Suite will provide you with a clear and detailed picture of the most complex organisational structures or training processes. It will also help you to easily manage these processes regardless of the size or industry of your company.

IMC’s learning technology offers powerful support not just for online and traditional classroom based scenarios. Its high-performing tools for combining online and real world training activities to deliver true “Blended Learning” scenarios. At the same time it allows learners to utilise the best learning tools in any situation.

Our strengths

Targeted Trainings

Map training to competency frameworks to assist in the alignment of your learners to their job role development. Define individual skill, competency, training, qualification and licence requirements and targets for each job role and then track progress and development by linking these to courses – or have these assessed through performance or assessment processes.

Compliance Learning

Automated Compliance Learning processes including re-certification, validated compliance content and additional support according to 21 CFR Part 11 helping you to meet important regulatory requirements. Learn more.

Extended Enterprise

Extended Enterprise Learning for audiences external to your organization extends the reach of the system. IMC Learning Suite allows you to provide training not just to your own staff but to any external audience group such as partners, resellers or contractors. Supporting you reach across the borders of your company and helping you to generate more turnover. Discover how.

Discover more features

  • Learning analytics and reporting for maximum transparency across all training processes
  • Social learning to promote direct exchange with other users
  • Gamification for more engagement and motivation of your learners based on their learning activity
  • Testing & Assessment with comprehensive tracking features for clear verification of knowledge levels
  • Multi-language support and localisaton management
  • Skill and Competency Management to better map the strengths and career paths of your employees and to maximize company benefit
  • Content Management and SCORM, AICC, LTI, QTI & PENS support enabling easily creation of great content
  • Seamless integration into existing IT infrastructures via REST API
  • Mobile learning online and offline
  • Seamless integration of virtual classrooms
  • PayPal integration
  • SEO Optimisation for content
  • Learning Record Store
  • CMS integration
  • Creation of e-portfolios with Mahara
  • Automated learning recommendations with recommendation engine


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A selection of our testimonials

  • Lufthansa Flight Training uses IMCs e-learning solution to provide training for prospective pilots and flight attendants.

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  • Eppendorf AG is implementing Learning Suite for flexible further education as well as for its Extended Enterprise training.

    Read Case Study

  • Global professional development platform at BSH Home Appliances Group, the largest home-appliance manufacturer in Europe.

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  • The government of the Austrian state of Carinthia uses the Learning Suite to conduct its State citizenship test.

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  • Racing and Wagering Western Australia manages with Learning Suite Compliance at 300 locations.

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  • Transnational advanced training for over 5,000 users at international manufacturer Palfinger AG.

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This is what analysts have to say

The super-friendly user interface and numerous layers of flexibility make for a robust e-learning solution. Learners are presented with a clean dashboard with configurable widgets that display any relevant information (course progress, news, alerts, etc.). Social elements are ubiquitous with discussions, polls and micro-blogs all available, as well as the ability to rate not only courses, but the individual elements of the courses.

David Wentworth, Senior Research Analyst, Brandon Hall


An all-around super performer! One of the real strengths of this LMS is its completely intuitive and easy to use user interface in combination with the powerfulness of the solution itself. One can easily configure and use it according their level of experience and needs.

Craig Weiss, leading e-learning expert worldwide, elearninfo247


IMC hits strategically right on target with relationship centered learning and the conversion of learning and talent.

Mara Reuben, Director of Strategic Solutions, Brandon Hall

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