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  • IMC Invitational 2018

    IMC Invitational 2018

Step into the future with IMC at our Invitational Day

One small step for technology… one giant leap for learning opportunities. Technology is no longer advancing in small steps, join us at the IMC Invitational Day to discuss the opportunities created for learning and how you can harness these to empower your people and your business.

7 (very) good reasons why you should attend

  • Gain helpful insights from our subject matter experts
  • Participate in Workshops with peer to peer discussions
  • Meet our team and IMC customers
  • Share best practice experience directly with other professionals
  • Participate in your language: the sessions will be held in German and English
  • Chat about the hottest e-learnings trends and their potential benefits for your everyday tasks
  • Enjoy the exclusiveness of this Invitational Day. None of the content gathered during the event will be made public. In other words: Attendants will be the only ones to benefit from this event.

The agenda and all further information will be announced shortly.

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Ideas wanted! You decide what the topics will be

We want to know what’s on your mind – vote for three of the topics below that you would like to see on the Invitational agenda:

  • Blend Me! Learning Suite learning paths from programs to courses to course sets
  • What impact does deep / machine learning have on digital training? What can we expect from AI?
  • Learning Portal Extended: In a design thinking workshop we develop a feature plugin for the Learning Portal.
  • KPIs: An exchange of who uses what and how and what the goals are.
  • AR / VR / Mixed Reality: What works? What makes sense?
  • The transformation from training focus to performance focus: How is our business changing?
  • The use of content repositories: How to integrate external content wisely into your learning needs.
  • The use of standard content: advantages and disadvantages.
  • Competence-based training: what are the changes in skill-driven development?
  • Workshop: develop an app or a microlearning format
  • Changes based on current and future generations: What expectations does the generation Y++ have?

Click here to vote for your preferred topics

Event Details

Thursday, 18 October 2018, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Lufthansa Aviation Training Germany GmbH, Airportring, Gate 24, Buildings 391 and 392, 60549 Frankfurt/Main, Germany

Parking and public transport:
Click here for detailed information on how to get to Lufthansa Aviation Training Germany GmbH.

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