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    IMC at Zukunft Personal Europe 2018

Immersive learning and new formats in focus

From 11th to 13th September 2018 the Zukunft Personal Europe in Cologne is all about how the world of work will look in future.

IMC will be part of this exciting exhibition and is focussing on the learning of new skills with augmented reality and new learning formats. Visit us in Hall 2.2 at Stand 0.10 in the special area “Digital Learning Trends” and speak to one of our experts. We look forward to your visit! 

Gamified acquisition of skills

The acquisition of new skills via game-based learning formats is becoming increasingly important with turning into a strong long-term trend. To show how effective learning with game-based apps is we are showcasing a selection of our mobile learning solutions.    

Try for example the „Brain Coach“ with various mini games  at the IMC exhibition stand and “IMC BizQuiz” you can challenge your colleagues with.  

Enhancements of IMC learning technologies

Everything IMC does, it consequently puts the needs of people in focus who work with IMC applications daily: this is also reflected in further development of learning solutions.    

The latest update in IMC learning technologies is focused on the power of simplicity. The range of functionalities has been expanded and at the same time user friendliness optimised:    

Through deep learning and adaptive learning path recommendations course curricular can be adapted to the needs of individual learners. The personalisation of learning offerings is focussed increasingly towards the skills and competencies required by the individual and their development. Through the integration of the IMC Process Guide into the learning management system, IMC Learning Suite, learning and knowledge nuggets and elements are made available directly during work processes at the workplace.     

We empower people: speeding up business processes, increase of productivity and reduction of training costs.

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