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Soft Skills

Our partner Cegos offers an extensive library of e-learning content modules for training entrepreneurial and personal abilities. The courses proof their practicality through real-life scenarios and user-friendly design. Thanks to interactive elements, the learner gets animated to deal intensively with the content. In accordance with Cego´s mantra “Think Global, Learn Local”, content is always truly localised, adapting the national language and cultural characteristics.

Goals of the course

Training and optimising entrepreneurial and personal abilities


> 100 e-learning courses, 3 formats

Each about 7, 10 or 15 minutes

Target Group

 Companies of all industries and sizes


Up to 15 different languages (e.g. US and UK English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Slovak, Japanese)

Content Extract

  • Management & Leadership
  • Applied Personal Development
  • Project Management
    • Sales, Customer Relationship, Commercial Negotiation
    • Marketing & Innovation


      The training content can be purchased individually or as packages. Prices are according to the number of users.

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