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IMC Knowledge Challenge

Show us what you can do.

The Knowledge Challenge offers a variation on traditional e-learning formats by introducing friendly competition.

It's fun.
A test that does not feel like a test.

Makes traditional e-learning an experience.

Motivates people to acquire or repeat missing knowledge.

Participate in friendly competition with high scores - and experience success and recognition in the process.

Create variety in traditional e-learning modules with game components and internalize topics in a playful manner.

Make training entertaining: The learning takes place almost incidentally - newly acquired knowledge can be tested in a playful manner.

Times and points motivate people to train regularly and make improvements visible.

Get even closer to the action, thanks to motion control, for maximum involvement.

Test questions can easily be customised and expanded.

Integration & Tracking.
Integration possible into every learning management system. Document learning successes with detailed tracking.

Adaptations and expansions possible at all times. Content therefore stays up-to-date.

Mobile Learning.
Optimal running capability on mobile devices as well - and therefore learning anytime and anywhere.

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