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IMC’s performance support system is awarded the grade “Excellent”

The magazine eLearning Journal tested the IMC Process Guide in three categories

15. December 2016

Time and again, businesses invest smaller or larger portions of their IT budget in software, intended to optimize processes and to reduce costs, e.g. electronic performance support systems (EPSS). But on the way, these companies encounter several obstacles.

Just like a satnav, a good EPSS guides employees “on the job” while moving through complex business processes and IT landscapes within the company. It recognises the system an employee is currently working on, displays relevant information for the current process step and the subsequent steps, checks entries made and does not leave any questions unanswered. This results in optimized processes, less errors and consequently less costs.

At the same time, it is quite demanding on these systems. The software and processes landscape of every company can be compared to a fingerprint: delicate and individually unique. The different levels of knowledge and the various functions of employees in a company also need to be considered.

So purchasing an EPSS requires a thorough planning process in advance. Because preventing wrong IT-investments depends on the right strategy.  You also need to bear in mind that after purchasing an EPSS, individual adjustments in software and training for the administrators usually become necessary. Companies do not need to simply find a supplier, they rather need to find a partner who provides comprehensive support. Choosing the right partner is paramount for a successful project. To support companies who want to make such a choice, the eLearning Journal regularly tests various supplier solutions based on the categories: “Administration”, “Technology” and “User-related Aspects”. This time, it was the Process Guide; the EPSS by IMC; that was subject to the expert jury’s opinion. The system managed to convince the editors of the magazine and was awarded the grade “excellent”.

The test results in detail:

  1. For the “Administration” category, it was mainly the easy and intuitive content creation by company employees that caught the jury’s eye. It only needs a few clicks to recognise an application window and to select elements, to which the Process Guide shall provide additional information.
  2. The IMC Process Guide also scored from a technical perspective. In the “Technology” category, the jury praised the integrated search function, allowing the user to quickly find suitable contents.
  3. And for the “User-related Aspects” category, the jury highlighted that the Process Guide can be perfectly integrated into the process at work, helping to facilitate that process.

In summary, the editors at the eLearning Journal reached the following conclusion:

“The IMC Process Guide comes with an appropriate infrastructure to successfully implement performance support. For users, the Process Guide is process integrated and it assists them when working with a software or while going through certain business processes. After a short period of getting used to it, the Designer enables easy content creation. Consequently, the information available to users is perfectly tailored to the needs within the company.”

Please click here to read the complete test report.

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