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"Cost Effective, Quality, Skills Education for South African Youth"

IMC publishes free online diagnostic tests and bridging courses in ‘Numeracy’ and ‘English Literacy’

29. November 2016

Unemployment levels in South Africa are extremely high with 26,6% (Q2/2016). Especially, youth unemployment is often a supply-side problem because many young South Africans lack the appropriate skills and higher education qualifications, required for a high-skills economy. Many students are leaving the secondary school system underprepared. South Africa still has a post-school education and training system that does not offer sufficient places to the many youth and adults seeking education and training. Also, those students entering a college are usually not on the same knowledge level, and therefore many of them struggle keeping up in class.

The overall target of IMC’s project "Cost Effective, Quality, Skills Education for South African Youth", is to increase access to and capacity of higher and further education and training in South Africa. The DEG-funded project developed diagnostic tests and bridging courses in 'Numeracy' and 'English Literacy' to increase the admission rate, as well as the graduation rate in TVET colleges. It also provides free and online accessible high quality training material to those who don’t have the opportunity to visit a college. The diagnostic testing component identifies possible knowledge gaps and unlocks suitable bridging courses to target those gaps.

IMC also supports TVET colleges in digitizing their learning material and in the development of their own institutional future technology plans. The project is running until February 2017.

To access the online platform and the courses, please visit: