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Mobile Learning that fits in your life

Mobile is ubiquitous. More and more people use their mobile devices to stay updated, connected, informed or to play with. In fact, people worldwide use mobile devices for almost everything. So, why not for learning? Why not gain useful knowledge practically on the go? We at IMC give you the Learning Environment that literally fits into your pocket. It’s just so comfortable: take your smartphone or your tablet and access the required information!

IMC Mobile Apps - native apps for iOS and Android

To ensure that your employees or your business partners can use mobile devices to do their job better, we let our award-winning Learning Management System, IMC Learning Suite go mobile! 

Comfortable online/offline synchronization

Fully responsive with HTML5 support

Connect and excange with your co-learners within the LMS

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Responsive Design and Mobile Learning

Doing a direct transfer of e-learning content from PC format onto mobile devices is not enough to ensure learning will be efficient, attractive and motivating in its new media form. The content must be quickly and easily accessible and also not too large or bulky in terms of scope and loading requirements. Remember that your learner will most likely access it on daily commutes, or in short breaks throughout the day, as and when it’s possible or convenient for them, so the information must be easy to access and interact with under any circumstance.

The vision for mobile learning is: Learn whatever you want, wherever and whenever you want. HTML5 is the ideal solution for the requirements of mobile learning and the new IMC whitepaper explains why this is the case.

The whitepaper addresses the following issues:

  • What do technical expressions like HTML5 and CSS3 mean?
  • How can you place the development from e-learning to m-learning into the bigger picture?
  • What does Responsive Design and Mobile First mean in this context?
  • What can examples of successful HTML5 projects look like?

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Examples for E-Learning Content

  • Digital Readiness Check

    Digital Readiness Check

  • Drive Smart - Mobile App

    Drive Smart - Mobile App

  • Chatbot National Rugby League

    Chatbot National Rugby League

  • Mobile App - Vision in a Nutshell

    Mobile App - Vision in a Nutshell

Extend the boundaries of your learners

IMC Conversational Learning Training courses are fully responsive, individually tailored to the training context and can be easily integrated into the Learning Management System.

The language of the training courses is deliberately simpler and more accessible than with classic web-based training courses (WBTs). This lowers entry barriers into the digital training world.

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