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    Case Study

    Linde Material Handling

Leading manufacturer of material handling equipment provides intralogistics training with a serious game



The Customer

Linde Material Handling

  • One of the leading manufacturer of forklifts and warehouse trucks
  • Over 700 sales and service locations in 100 countries

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The Challenge

Linde Material Handling wants to spread basic knowledge in the newest business field intralogistics to all colleagues worldwide in an agreeable way.

The new training has two main objectives:

  • Spreading basic knowledge of intralogistics to all colleagues worldwide
  • Creating awareness of challenges and optimisation potential in intralogistics

The Solution

“City of Goods,” from IMC, is a serious game that takes place in a distribution centre divided into six training stations. The learner makes a virtual visit to the warehouse in character as a new employee, and learns about different roles and common challenges they address. These include high error rates in packing, space problems in storage, and unsafe working conditions.



Each station consists of an entrance area, one or two rooms, and an office. The learner engages in dialogue with colleagues to learn about problems and what should be done. Points are earned for identifying the right solution, in order to earn entry to the office. Once in the office, the player must explain the solution implemented, and must earn a minimum number of points to complete the station.

If the learner doesn’t earn the minimum number of points, the game is reset to the beginning of that station, so learners have the opportunity to review their weak points until they’ve mastered them. Along the way, there are multiple choice dialogues that familiarise the learner with the different roles, as well as teaching about common bottlenecks and how to avoid them. The game is presented in 3D, for the most realistic simulation possible.



Linde MH’s sales team aren’t the only winners with “City of Goods”. The game won the World Media Festival’s 2019 Gold Award. 

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