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See how virtual software training can ease your IT workload

IMC offers the option to purchase the Process Guide as a cloud solution via Azure Marketplace.

IMC Process Guide is an electronic performance support system that operates as an employee’s own virtual assistant by guiding them through complicated processes and IT landscapes, step-by-step. Helping with daily activities in a 'learn-as-you-go' format, Process Guide reduces employee errors and boosts productivity. 

Your guide through complex business processes and software landscapes

Process Guide provides:

On-screen navigation within an application

Software training on specific company processes

Process support for employees as they require it

Eases the burden on your IT help desk


For detailed information have a look at the product description of the IMC Process Guide.

IMC Process Guide is now available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.
In the Azure Marketplace, you can choose the solution that best matches your needs from a range of different "T-shirt sizes", from XS, where 5 users can simultaneously work with the system (this solution is particularly suitable for content creators) to L, where up to 150 users can use the Process Guide at the same time.

What is Azure?

In short, Azure is Microsoft’s cloud platform. Azure enables you to quickly build, deploy and manage applications across a global network of datacenters, and that’s just scratching the surface. Find out more.

IMC Process Guide is Azure Certified, meaning the solution has been carefully vetted for compatibility with Azure, and is available in the Azure Marketplace so you can quickly test without any obligations. But that's not all: You can also centrally purchase and manage any products you directly through the Marketplace. You also have the option to support your own customers with the application hosted in the Marketplace. Perhaps you are a consulting company searching for a solution which allows you to individually guide your customers through complex business processes and IT landscapes?