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  • Fresh goods secure trust

    Fresh goods secure trust

    Digital learning for the food processing industry, grocery stores and restaurants

Food industry

When dealing with groceries, trust plays an essential role. Customers expect a high level of quality and freshness of goods, which is why the storage and provision of foods in shops is subject to strict regulations. Should a company fail to maintain the cold chain, for example, they are in danger of being the subject of a media scandal, damaging their reputation and image, having to pay costly fines. E-learning is an ideal method to teach staff members the relevant hygiene standards and required behaviour in a quick, always up-to-date and verifiable way.

But that’s not all! E-learning also helps to teach staff members the knowledge needed to provide competent and detailed information to discerning customers, for example about ingredients and the origin of a product. The food industry faces special challenges, for example a rapidly changing product range and a high staff turnover. This results in classroom training sessions in external training centres breaking the already tight training budgets.

Discerning customers

Ensure that your staff members know your products and offer the best service, even at a constantly changing product range.

High hygiene standards

Minimise risks by strengthening your staff members’ understanding of applicable rules and regulations.

High level of staff fluctuation

Offer new staff the support they need to acquire the knowledge necessary.

Our solutions

Ready-to-go content

Our Compliance Training includes seven modules that ensure your staff members are aware of their responsibilities in an industry in which strict legal standards and code of conducts apply. The modules are available individually or as a package. Modules can also be customised to meet the branding requirements of your organisation. With over 15 years of experience, and having been awarded the “Brandon Hall Silver Award” for “Best in Compliance Training”, we are the experts when it comes to the implementation of efficient compliance training.


Customised solutions

Our learning technologies are already used by many key players in the industry. In our customer projects, we always respond to the special requirements of the respective companies and adapt both contents and our technologies accordingly.

IMC Learning Journey

Imagine, you want to convey the “Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points” (HACCP) concept to your staff members and also make sure that your staff members act accordingly.


Introductory video

In a SmartShow you first summarise, in a few minutes, what it is all about and how dangers associated with the food processing industry can be avoided following the concept. This introduces your target group to the subsequent learning units.


Web-based training

Thereafter, your staff members get to know the principles of the HACCP concept in a web-based training course. In a Web-Based Story Training, for example, you can demonstrate in realistic work place scenarios how staff members act correctly in case of temperature deviations at critical control points. The knowledge taught can then be tested at the end of the training by means of a knowledge test.
Would you like to produce your own learning content? IMC’s authoring software, the IMC Content Studio, allows you to quickly and easily create training contents yourself, for all types of devices.


Knowledge test and reminder

Training progress and test results can be viewed with the IMC Learning Suite at any time. In addition, you can send automatic reminders to all your staff members who have not yet completed the training.


Knowledge testing

Your staff can deepen what they have learned in the web-based training in a workshop.


On-the-job training

When a member of staff has completed the test successfully, he is qualified for the on-the-job training. With IMC Process Guide, you can guide your staff members through the processes in their day-to-day work and provide context sensitive support in real-time. For example, you can point out what needs to be observed at goods in inspection, exactly at the time the goods arrive.


Reporting and documentation

Let your staff members acknowledge that they took note of critical messages, for example about proper storage of perishable milk products. These confirmations as well as potential process deviations can be automatically saved in the compliance reports. These reports ensure you are well prepared in case of regulatory checks.

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