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Gamification – say farewell to being bored

We enjoy playing games and we do it everywhere: whilst waiting at the doctor’s, on a train journey, at parties or in the evening after work to relax and immerse ourselves in another world. Why not use the positive power of gaming in a professional context? Why not enrich learning processes with exciting gamification elements to encourage and motivate employees in a targeted manner? We’ll show you how.

Offering incentives and rewards in the learning environment

Collecting things is innate to humans. We collect points in supermarkets, air miles or Pokémons, and we get discounts, rewards and honoured for them. New roles and higher levels are waiting for us. IMC’s Learning Management System, IMC Learning Suite, uses the motivational power of games and offers elaborate badge sets and points systems, as well as other gamification elements, to motivate and encourage employees during the learning process.

Badges for special achievements

Use the graphically appealing badge sets which are preconfigured and therefore immediately ready for use. You can modify these to fit in with the training strategy in your company.

Experience points as you build up expertise

Reward your learners for taking part in a course, for successfully completing a test or for submitting a forum post. Increase motivation by displaying learning experiences in the form of an experience track, where you can show learners how they can reach the next level in a fun, game-like way.

Leaderboards as a performance incentive

Just good is not good enough for your company? Encourage competition and in doing so achieve improved performance, by making the top results visible on the leaderboard and thus comparable. 

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E-book: Instructions for Gamification

Gamification has become a buzzword for the training industry. In this free of charge e-book, we show you five steps that will help you increase the learners‘ motivation.

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Award: IMC among the top 20 gamification providers

In the development of fun learning environments, IMC can compete on a worldwide scale. This was confirmed by the prestigious American information platform, who has added IMC to its “Top 20 Gamification Companies List”.

Spice up learning content with gaming elements

It’s not only the learning environment that should motivate your employees. Learning becomes more exciting and complex matters become even easier to convey when you include gaming elements in the learning content. In the framework of a game-based learning approach, these elements can be customised to your individual requirements in different game formats.

Be inspired by our customers' examples.

Thanks to the serious game “Water Management in Times of Climate Change” it is now possible to make scientific research results available to everyone.

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How can fundamental competencies be taught to an adult target group? The German KES-group developed a video-based simulation learning program.

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“Motivate your learners by letting them play!” Lafarge and IMC show how gamification elements can be used in a clever way.

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Test yourself: IMC Racing Game sample

Have these customer examples piqued your interest? Train your reaction speed and skills at the same time with the IMC Racing Game. 

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