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Are you faced with the constant challenge of keeping your employees up to date on healthcare compliance guidelines, care methodology, e-learning for healthcare and new software tools?

Due to demographic changes as well as the continuous improvement of treatment methods and care conditions in the Western world, the healthcare sector is an industry that never sleeps. The high cost of training and the need to share information between different institutions such as hospitals, insurance companies and doctors brings with it major challenges and, as a result, the importance of process optimisation and quality management increases, creating a requirement for ever more effective training measures.

Our solutions

Ready-to-go content

Our “Pharma and Healthcare” package is an off-the-shelf web-based training solution which offers the best possible preparation for the certified pharma and medical technician consultant exam. Our market-ready compliance content includes medical e-learning modules which have been carefully designed to cover key healthcare compliance topics.

Pharma and Healthcare

Over approximately 20 hours and divided into more than 40 modules, we cover the entire examination contents of the Swiss Health Quality Association (SHQA) for certified pharmaceutical consultant as well as medical technician consultant (FASMED).

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Are you looking for an easy and engaging way to ensure your employees are up to date on topics like data protection and work safety? Our interactive web-based training presents compliance basics in a compact format.

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Customised Solutions

Our healthcare e-learning technologies are used by several key players in the sector, and it is important to us that we offer customisable solutions and content which can be adapted to the specifics of our customer projects and company requirements.

Here are some examples of how our products can be used in the healthcare industry:

For healthcare organisations, dealing with the geographical distribution of partners while trying to implement face-to-face employee training has always presented a challenge. In order to make the most of their highly qualified employees as a competitive edge, a Dutch healthcare organisation network relies on e-learning with IMC Learning Suite (adapted as a customised healthcare LMS) for the on-the-job healthcare training and development of up to 10,000 users. These users, located worldwide, are able to schedule their medical e-learning independently and then share their experiences via the available social learning functionalities.

One of our international customers, a globally active industrial medical technology company, also benefits from using our learning platform as Software as a Service (SaaS). This cloud solution is available immediately and offers maximum security and full cost control and flexibility for the implementation of L&D processes.

In another example, one of our customers - involved in the precise mechanical and optical industries and represented in over 40 countries - uses IMC Learning Suite in an 'extended enterprise' capacity for the training and development of their external partners, i.e. renowned optician chains and retailers, as well as for training their internal staff members globally.

Our learning management system can also be used effectively at the point of care. Another customer, an internationally operating manufacturer of reagents and instruments for medical examinations has customised IMC Learning Suite to be used in the hospitals themselves. The interface manages access to diagnostic devices and has been personalised to reflect the corporate IT-system. Access and use of a measurement device is only permitted if certain identification measures are met, for example.

A medical technology company has also invited IMC to come on board as a partner to develop their e-learning for healthcare platform. The company uses the IMC Content Studio authoring software to create their learning material for topics such as venous blood collection and pre-analytics. Both the content and application recommendations for products are available in 5 languages on the platform.

More benefits for healthcare customers:
Do you need a solution that ensures your compliance-related processes, such as standard procedures for medical studies, are carried out correctly? Our electronic performance support system, IMC Process Guide, allows you to integrate warning messages into processes. For example, employees might not be able to move to the next step until they confirm they have read all important notices. Using these "compulsory notices" you can make sure that your employees are familiar with all relevant Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).

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