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Learning & Development Leadership Summit

20 - 21 August 2019 in Melbourne

Join us at the 2019 Melbourne date of the L&D Leadership Summit. The event will focus on transforming learning and development (L&D) approaches in an increasingly complex business landscape, and preparing a team to meet ever-rising expectations.

IMC’s Nick Petch will be a featured speaker at this year's summit. Nick will discuss how to navigate through the landscape of content, design and technology to discover the answers from the people we are designing for: our learners. By the end of the session, you will have a fresh understanding of:

  • What design factors create repeatable and meaningful change
  • What tools, processes and methodologies create, support and sustain behavioural change
  • What behavioural change looks like for modern leaders 

If you haven’t registered yet, you can do so here.

Meet us there

Nick Petch

An expert in user experience (UX), learning, and production (and on how they all work together), Nick has worked for numerous top-tier clients in the print, web, animation and feature film industries. In those capacities, he has delivered a wide variety of learning and communications materials, from global onboarding to compliance to technical training, and even mental health. At the leadership summit, he will be presenting on how to design repeatable, meaningful behavioural change. Connect with Nick.

Daniel Berkovich

Daniel has over seven years’ experience in L&D, and has worked for a variety of learning management system providers. He has a passion for helping companies deliver great value in what they provide their users, whilst also helping manage L&D budgets. At IMC AG, they both partner with L&D professionals to discover, design and implement learning technology solutions. The end result improves productivity and performance and converts knowledge into business outcomes. Connect with Daniel.