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IMC SmartShow

It does not get any simpler than this.

In a SmartShow, simple and often comical drawings and animations get to the heart of complex content. Real hands guide you through the story.

Very simple.
Makes complicated content understandable for everyone.

Simply exciting.
Nothing is more memorable than a good story.

Put succinctly.
Clarifies what is important, without digression.

Direct: Gets to the heart of complex topics in a few minutes.

Vivid: Drawings and animations in comic style make content more understandable - and therefore easier to notice.

High recognition value: Creates a visual central theme across individual learning units and/or topics - and therefore provides a framework for these learning units and/or topics.

Emotional: Arouse emotions through the use of vivid storytelling - learners become excited about seemingly dry topics.

Flexible: Use within an e-learning module for insertion into a topic, to loosen up between learning units or as a self-contained format.

Short and snappy: Teach the most important content in just 2-5 minutes.

Integration & Tracking.
Integration possible into every learning management system. Document learning successes with detailed tracking.

Adaptations and expansions possible at all times. Content therefore stays up-to-date.

Mobile Learning.
Optimal running capability on mobile devices enabling learning anytime and anywhere.

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