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E-learning Content

Whether you need bespoke content for your training goals, or the peace of mind of training written by experts, we’ve got you covered. Our award-winning custom learning content communicates effectively with learners and leaves an impression.

Off-the-shelf Content

IMC offers an extensive range of content, from compliance modules, to trainings for soft skills, languages, finance and IT topics.

Soft Skills

An extensive library of e-learning content modules for training entrepreneurial and interactive elements to improve personal abilities like communication skills. Learn more


An easy and engaging way to make sure your employees are up to date on data protection and work safety. Educating employees on GDPR compliance guidelines and their responsibilities is a priority. Learn more

Pharma and Healthcare

Certified Training for pharmaceutical consultants as well as medical technician consultants The e-learning content can also be accessed and completed on mobile devices. Learn more

Workplace Behaviour

Interactive videos for employees and Workplace Behaviour for Managers helps your colleagues to understand their responsibilities and reminds them of how to interact appropriately and effectively. Learn more

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