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  • Automated learning recommendations

    Automated learning recommendations

    Maximum performance through self-directed learning

Maximum performance through self-directed learning

Only 10% of the professional skills required today can be gained by traditional methods of further education. 20% come from the working environment through the influence of supervisors. The lion’s share of 70% is learnt by employees from experiences gained directly on-the-job.

How can companies master the balancing act between formal and informal learning and offer their employees a time and cost-effective learning mix without losing sight of personal learning preferences and the company’s objectives?

Automated learning recommendations

The Learning Management System IMC Learning Suite offers the ideal solution with its integrated learning recommendation engine. Based on the courses previously booked and completed by each individual, automated learning recommendations are generated that cover the interests and area of responsibility of the employee.

This way it can be ensured that each employee sees only the learning content he or she needs. The icing on the cake: the recommendation engine takes into account preferred topics and gives higher priority to those courses. The supervisor, the employee or both can decide which topics have the greatest need for extra learning and choose these correspondingly.

The benefits to you

Automated provision of suitable content on the relevant topics for your employees

No interruption of the learning process, appropriate content reduces the drop-out rate

Self-paced learning ensures highly qualified and motivated employees without the need for additional learning time

Faster throughput of educational measures because learners don’t need to occupy themselves with irrelevant content.

From research into practice

As a leading European provider for e-learning technologies with its own research department, IMC is a valued partner in numerous top class national and international projects in the area of knowledge management. This way we are ensuring that you immediately benefit from the latest trends and developments.

The intelligent recommendation engine was, for example, developed for the European Union’s SiWay project. SiWay stands for “Stem it your way” and provides the opportunity to offer natural-science online laboratories and other learning tools in a varied and clearly presented chemistry course in a modern learning environment.

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