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    Expert Knowledge

    A Digital Training Podcast

IMC Expert Knowledge: Digital Training

In the new podcast series IMC e-learning experts and external speakers are talking about different trends and topics in digital training.

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  • Episode 7: Learning in the validated environment

    A validated learning environment is essential for companies operating in the medtech, pharmaceutical or food industries. Compliance with the Federal Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) 21 CFR Part 11 means proving the quality of training through comprehensive learner record system.

    In the latest episode of IMC Expert Knowledge, Philipp Leupoldt and Thorsten Römisch explain how learning management systems are getting training records ready for inspection.

  • Episode 6: Emergency services – saving lives with digital training

    Emergency services omnipresent in many culture. Due to the special collaboration of paid staff and volunteers, this industry has specific needs to be fulfilled with digital training. Jayne Crawley, IMC Project Manager Learning Solutions, is not just an expert in e-learning but has also extensive experience within the emergency services industry. In this podcast episode, we will discuss what this industry makes so special when it comes to digital training and why the right training can decide about life or death. 

  • Episode 5: Taxonomy of E-learning

    Greg Blackburn is a researcher, published author and General Manager at IMC UK. His long-term experience has made him one of the strongest voices within the e-learning industry. In our latest podcast episode, Greg discusses the taxonomy of e-learning, an attempt to untangle e-learning for better measurement of success. In particular, choosing the right e-learning category and placing the focus on pedagogy before deciding on technology will give companies a better chance of a successful outcome in the long-term.

  • Episode 4: The Insurance Distribution Directive at Generali Austria

    Michael Sprung is Head of Education at Generali in Austria. In our new podcast episode he talks about the new Insurance Distribution Directive (IDD) in the EU. He reveals how Generali has implemented IDD and why he sees the new regulations as an opportunity to take a closer look at the subject of further training.

  • Episode 3: How microlearning can deliver competitive advantage

    Enda Eames (IMC Sales Director AU/NZ) is passionate about enabling people to improve their performance through leading-edge learning technologies. His 30 years’ experience in the ICT marketplace in Asia Pacific, Europe and the USA has primarily centred on business development strategy, building L&D academies, and leading transformational programs for global organisations. In our podcast, Enda is discussing how micro-learning can lead businesses to reach competitive advantage and what they should adapt into their learning program to better support their staff. 

  • Episode 2: Gamifying the user experience

    Sarah Hillmann, E-learning Consultant in Melbourne, discussing gamifying the user experience. Sarah has strong project management and e-learning experience, allowing her to conduct highly effective digital training sessions. Her focus on gamification and the effect it has on users make her a valuable expert on that topic. She believes that gamification can change the context of learning and present it in a fun and playful environment that provide the learner with a feeling of mastery.

  • Episode 1: Personalised Learning

    Natalya Welch, Learning Solutions Consultant in Singapore, is talking about personalised learning. She has extensive international e-learning experience: after working in London, Melbourne, she now brings her expertise to our Singaporean client projects. Natalya believes that personalised learning gives the learners the opportunity to take control and responsibility for their own development based on their interest and abilities. The relevancy of the learning is therby highly important to keep the learners focussed.


Vivien Porath
Marketing Manager

Since the start of 2017 Vivien is working at IMC as a Marketing Manager. Next to whitepapers, infographics, webinars and articles, she is producing podcasts to provide e-learning expert knowledge to the audience.

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