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imc Australia is participating for the first time at the National Sports Convention & Physical Convention 2022. The convention, from 11-13 July 2022 at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre, is Australia's leading sport, recreation, play and physical activity convention. The convention has been developed with over 40 key peak bodies from Australia and New Zealand from the sport, recreation, play, health, education and government sectors focusing on how to encourage more people to be active.


How does a digital learning solution contribute to sports organisations?


Continuous development with a blended learning approach for all members has become an increasingly popular approach to ensure that training courses on new training methods, referee rule books or health and safety requirements are carried out. The training modules can be easily accessible by the trainers, referees, volunteers, and athletes at any time from anywhere. It is also easy to include sponsors, keep them informed and offer them insights into current affairs, new regulations, and other items of interest. The possibilities are endless.


imc has supported various sports organisations such as National Rugby League (NRL) and Sports New Zealand to develop the members' professional knowledge continuously. Recently, we've been awarded as the official supplier to the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games, providing an inclusive learning platform to more than 50,000 employees, contractors and volunteers. These projects have been showcasing our experience to maximise the benefits of using a digital learning approach to any associations and clubs with a stronger focus on digital transformation.


You can register at this link to visit our booth to link your organisation's objectives with digital learning.

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