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Interactive training video for hospitality industry wins judges over

IMC and ARBEIT UND LEBEN Berlin-Brandenburg win the sought-after e-learning award in the category “video training”

22. March 2016

In Germany, one in ten adults does not know how to read and write properly. For those affected, everyday tasks at work like reading an e-mail, checking an invoice or taking minutes can turn into a real challenge. With the project “eVideo 2.0”, KES, a faculty of ARBEIT UND LEBEN Berlin-Brandenburg, and IMC AG address this topic and offer help to those affected.

Within the project, which is part of a larger initiative for the advancement of “Arbeitsplatz-orientierte Alphabetisierung und Grundbildung Erwachsener” (employability oriented reading and writing skills and basic education for adults) a video-based learning program has been developed. The training offers employees with insufficient literacy skills targeted, hands-on and entertaining training.

To achieve all this, learners immerse in a storyline taken from real-life situations, in which they can actively change the course of action. During the video, they move through different rooms of an imaginary company and communicate with colleagues through interactive buttons. Users find themselves having to solve different tasks similar to those they come up against in daily situations at work.

Its online accessibility allows a high number of employees in many organisations to benefit from the program. In 2014, the video-training has already been published within the <media 23944 - - "TEXT, IMC-Case Study-KES-EN, IMC-CaseStudy-KES-EN.pdf, 1.9 MB">transportation and logistics industry</media>. After a successful start in this field of business, the program was adapted in 2015 to suit the needs of the hospitality industry.

The job-related approach helped to convince the jury at the eLearning Journal. Hence the reason for the success at the eLearning AWARD in the category “video-training”. This year’s award goes to “eVideo 2.0”. Since 2008, the eLearning AWARD has been presented annually in 25 categories to state-of-the-art-projects.

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