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Learning based on Continuity: open, social and convenient, even in complex business environments

19. December 2014

With Innovation Pack 4, IMC increases integration and continuity in e-learning read more

These geography lessons are anything but boring!

15. December 2014

A serious game by IMC shows how engaging scientific research can be read more

Innovative IMC software solution will be used for Austrian citizenship test

9. January 2015

The Federal State of Carinthia is relying on IMC's modern, server-based learning management system for the Austrian citizenship test. read more

IMC Trend Guide: All about Microsoft Azure - the benefits of cloud computing

1. December 2014

Microsoft Azure has been making a lot of headlines lately. Formerly Windows Azure, the cloud platform has been around since 2010 but in recent years has gone through a series of updates for additional functionality to emerge as... read more

IMC and BSIP eLearning partner up to provide unique, interactive software training

1. December 2014

IMC in partnership with BSIP eLearning in Sweden read more

SPOC on Business Process Management Discipline™ released

3. December 2014

Using sustainable process improvement for achieving business success! read more

Technology Trends 2015

18. November 2014

IT market research institute, Gartner, has published a report on what it believes will be the most significant technology trends of 2015. According to Gartner, a technology becomes a trend if it has the potential to have a... read more

How to blend formal and informal learning in the workplace

13. November 2014

It would be highly unfashionable, in the tech-heady informal learning space of 2014/2015, for L&D directors to admit to an agenda of purely formal classroom/online training for their organisation. But while you wouldn't want... read more

Business Process Guidance in your Organisation – now just one click away

29. October 2014

IMC Process Guidance Suite is now Microsoft Azure Certified and available at the Microsoft Azure Marketplace read more

Learning-on-the-job: how companies and learners can benefit from a strategy of informal learning

22. October 2014

Carl Ransom Rogers, an influential American psychologist and one of the early founders of the student-centred approach to learning, sums up informal learning beautifully:"I want to talk about learning. But not the lifeless,... read more

3 Ways Mindfulness Will Transform Your eLearning

24. September 2014

2014, the year of Mindfulness, right? Our attention spans are shrinking, in fact, the adult average is now lower than that of a goldfish. Couple that with our average daily information intake of over 170 newspapers, its... read more

IMC Trend Guide: Learn your Data Protection lessons through industry fines ? without paying a penny!

12. September 2014

A new survey has shown that fines issued against organisations for compliance failures of the data protection law also encourage other organisations to improve their policies and processes as well as significantly improve their... read more

Free Compliance MOOC

10. September 2014

Interactive e-learning and multi-media course for Compliance Professionals read more

Guide users through complex business processes quickly and accurately

2. September 2014

New version of IMC Process Guidance Suite now available read more

IMC has been selected as one of the top 20 Learning Portal Companies

29. August 2014 release the 2014 Top 20 Learning Portal Companies read more

IMC Trend Guide: How to effectively train your stubborn senior managers - and the risks of not getting it right

15. August 2014

Keep on top of learning and IT trends with the new IMC Trend Guide. Part 1 deals with senior manager training in Financial Services.  The recent international focus on good training for both senior managers and relevant... read more

RHAPSODY: European research project aims at improving care for people with young onset dementia

12. August 2014

The project RHAPSODY analyzes European health and social care systems for the underserved group of people with young onset dementia. Results will be used to build and probe an educational, interactive e-learning programme for... read more

IMC help organisations meet workplace diversity and compliance obligations

1. August 2014

IMC launch interactive, scenario-driven Workplace Behaviour Modules addressing Australian legislation read more

IMC awarded with the seal "Innovative through research"

31. July 2014

To promote innovation and growth through research, German not for profit organization Stifterverband has established an award for research companies aimed at highlighting the special contribution they make to society. IMC AG... read more

New app offers Word document users context-sensitive multimedia help

18. July 2014

docSpots – an Office app from IMC AG – is now available in five languages read more

IMC Learning Suite is one of the top 3 e-learning systems worldwide

4. July 2014

International LMS Mid-Year Ranking 2014 lists the 50 best Learning Management Systems read more

Latest version of IMC Learning Suite enables easy learning, anytime anywhere

27. June 2014

Innovation Pack 3 comes with a new “Holistic Learning Environment“ and standardised process support that allows integration of learning processes even more effectively read more

IMC awarded with the Comenius EduMedia Seal for the fourth consecutive year

26. June 2014

IMC AG and concepTV receive one of the most important German and European awards for exemplary ITC-based educational media read more

IMC awarded with the Comenius EduMedia Seal for the fourth consecutive year

26. June 2014

IMC AG and concepTV receive one of the most important German and European awards for exemplary ITC-based educational media read more

IMC and RWWA Solution Wins Platinum Award

6. June 2014

IMC and RWWA achieve Platinum Award success for their Learning Management Solution in the 2014 LearnX Impact Awards read more

IMC in partnership with Accelerate Performance

3. June 2014

IMC expands into the dynamic South African e-learning market read more

GoLabZ: A repository for online laboratories, interactive apps & Inquiry Learning Spaces

19. May 2014

The Go-Lab Project launches GoLabZ – a web-based repository which combines interactive online science experiments together with classic classroom learning read more

Board of IMC AG Ensures Continuity: Supervisory and Executive Boards Pave the Way for Successors

21. May 2014

The supervisory board of imc information multimedia communication AG (IMC AG) convened on 24th April 2014 under the chairmanship of Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. August-Wilhelm Scheer. Their agenda focused on maintaining continuity at... read more

IMC AG achieves Microsoft Gold Application Development Competency

23. April 2014

IMC demonstrates best-in-class capability and market leadership through demonstrated technology success and customer commitment. read more

MOOCs in the workplace

16. April 2014

Discuss new approaches for recruiters and HR-professionals at EMPLOY:ED 2014 unconference, May 14th Google Campus, London read more

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