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Quick Reads – here is what to read in June

6. June 2017 Blog 

Science-fiction becomes reality read more

Quick Reads – here is what to read in May

4. May 2017 Blog 

Artificial intelligence in e-learning read more

New Medical Device Regulations in Europe

28. April 2017 Blog 

How the new laws will change the health industry read more

Quick Reads – here is what to read in April

7. April 2017 Blog 

Digital Trainings Reloaded read more

Permanent change and complexity as driving forces for lifelong learning

7. April 2017 Presse Press 

How "on-the-job learning" helps employees to continuously develop their skills in Industry 4.0 contexts read more

Performance nuggets: relevant, flexible, rich in variety

4. April 2017 Presse Press 

The significant effects of small performance nuggets read more

Licenced to win: Serious Game training in secret agent style wins over jury at the eLearning Journal

23. March 2017 Presse Press 

IMC, HQ and PwC win the eLearning AWARD 2017 in the category Story Based Learning read more

Library of interactive and entertaining soft skill trainings expands IMC´s portfolio

21. March 2017 Presse Press 

IMC and Cegos widens their partnership to distribute off-the-shelf e-learning content in different markets read more

Quick Reads – here is what to read in March

2. March 2017 Blog 

Instructional design tips part 2 read more

Next-Lab project: the continuation of the Go-Lab success story

16. February 2017 Presse Press 

Continuous evolution of the web portal for inquiry-based science education in schools read more

Quick Reads – here is what to read in February

6. February 2017 Blog 

How to design great learning environments read more

New, free e-book by IMC presents an instruction manual on gamification

3. February 2017 Presse Press 

Training managers learn how they can increase the learning motivation in 5 easy steps read more

Quick Reads – here is what to read in January

4. January 2017 Blog 

Meeting adaptive challenges and changes in the workplace read more