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Quick Reads – Here’s what to read in July

5. July 2018

Colourful, rich and easy to digest. The perfect e-learning is like a vibrant summer salad. In July, our Quick Reads offer a fresh mix of topics related to the conception of exciting and sustainable online trainings.

Like for a diet, the right motivation and adequate ingredients are important for successful learning results. All the better if it is served to you bite-sized and requires little time. 

Learn how the right impulses can inspire learners in the long-term and keep them focused with interesting and easy-to-understand content.

Using Action Mapping To Motivate Your Learners

  • Published by: eLearning Industry
  • Time to read: 9 minutes
  • We all know this problem: We read an exciting article, listen to a witty podcast or enthusiastically click through a learning game. But although we are persuaded by the contents, we do not manage to integrate the new intentions into our daily life.
    E-Learning designer and developer Adam Gavarkovs shows strategies that motivate learners to continue to implement what they have learned even after completion of the training. He suggests combining Cathy Moore's guide to “action mapping” with public health approaches. First, e-learning users should be able to understand the need and the effectiveness of changes. Through targeted training with realistic test scenarios, they should then develop enough self-confidence to implement these changes.

Low-Calorie E-Learning: Key Ingredients For a Lean Learning Experience

  • Published by: Training Industry
  • Time to read: 4 minutes
  • E-Learning experts Tracey Nicholson and Joe Miller have joined forces to present their recipe for a lean and varied training concept. Their main ingredients include storytelling, mixing different media elements and a flexible framework that allows learners to explore topics outside a fixed curriculum. Heavy contents and overloaded information pages need to stay off the plate instead.

Microlearning Is More Than a Buzzword

  • Published by: ATD
  • Time to read: 4 minutes
  • With her article, e-learning professional Tanya Seidel sings a song of praise for microlearning. According to her, the concept with its slimmed down and strongly focused learning contents perfectly matches the fast pulse of our time. She gives tips on how developers and trainers can create successful microlearning strategies that adapt to the specific needs of the learners.

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