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How To Revamp Your Business With Digital Learning

29. January 2019

In a fast-paced business environment, digital transformation is a top concern.
To stay ahead of the competition, and keep operations running smoothly and efficiently, more and more businesses are remodelling to incorporate personalised digital platforms. 

According to IBM, companies who use e-learning tools and strategies have the potential to increase their productivity by up to 50%. When employees are engaged with a tailored digital learning system, they can continuously upskill and outshine competitors.

What steps can you take to smoothly implement a digital learning system into your business?  Let’s start your to-do list.

Assemble Your Dream Team

Assemble a team of people to govern the transformation initiative. The transformation board members should be featured in introductory videos, forums and other communications to lead the move towards digital learning; they need to be accessible to learners.

It is important to clearly define who will manage what area of the learning system. Additionally, super administrators can be elected to oversee the system.

It will be the responsibility of the transformation team to analyse and develop the system on an ongoing basis. The team will need to respond to the evolving needs of both learners and the organisation. The team should:

  • Build a strong relationship with the digital service provider
  • Plan regular meetings
  • Engage with employees to receive questions and feedback
  • Schedule adequate time to maintain data in the system

Get Senior Management on Board

To successfully implement a digital learning system, you will need the continued support of senior management; you will need to demonstrate the ROI to them.

Do you have statistics or case studies to show how an e-learning course has improved business outcomes? Use them. For example, you might have a team leader discuss major advancements in performance in a short video.

You can showcase the value of the digital learning system in many ways.

Publicise measurable results to show ROI. For example, show how an investment in a sales course is directly linked to a quantifiable increase in revenue.

Illustrate how the digital system is filling skills gaps. A digital learning system can be tailored to individual and team needs to close skills gaps. Keep managers updated on growth. One way to track progress is to position tests before and after courses to demonstrate employee upskilling.

Integrate course completion into performance appraisals. As courses help employees progress in their career paths, this gives line managers measurable criteria to discuss in performance appraisal conversations.

Be Ready for Take-off

It’s important to make sure that your organisation can support the delivery of your new digital learning system. Pre-launching the system, and outlining the actions, resources and tools that will be needed for a smooth adoption is critical. Let learners know what training will be provided, and how they will be supported throughout the transformation.

By Steve Pugh, Sales Director - IMC (UK) Learning Ltd



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