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Podcast: Learning in the validated environment

4. October 2018

In our latest podcast episode validation experts Philipp Leupoldt and Thorsten Römisch share their knowledge on how learning management systems are supporting medical suppliers and manufacturers to meet the strict training... read more

Quick Reads - Here's what to read in August

1. September 2018

As the summer in Europe slowly but steady comes to an end, the days are getting shorter and shorter again. But now is no time for looking back.We gaze into the future and see how your e-learning strategies might change and how... read more

IMC is honoured for driving innovation through research from the German Stifterverband

10. August 2018

20 years ago, IMC started with one great idea, to make learning possible anytime, anywhere. The drive to innovate, create and push the boundaries of what is possible is still alive today and making a greater impact than ever.... read more

Podcast: Emergency services – saving lives with digital training

18. July 2018

Emergency services omnipresent in many culture. Due to the special collaboration of paid staff and volunteers, this industry has specific needs to be fulfilled with digital training. Jane Crawley, IMC Project Manager Learning... read more

Quick Reads – Here’s what to read in July

5. July 2018

Colourful, rich and easy to digest. The perfect e-learning is like a vibrant summer salad. In July, our Quick Reads offer a fresh mix of topics related to the conception of exciting and sustainable online trainings. Like for a... read more

Gold trifecta for IMC and partners at the 2018 LearnX Impact Awards

2. July 2018

The learning and development teams at FACS, NSW TrainLink and the Melbourne IMC team have reason to celebrate: their projects won gold at the 2018 LearnX Impact Awards. FACS was awarded in the category of Best LMS Deployment and... read more

Quick Reads – here’s what to read in June

11. June 2018

Supporting the personal development of employees is a win-win situation for all involved. As learners expand their knowledge and skills, the company benefits from the additional expertise of its workforce. Therefore, this issue... read more

Podcast: Is e-learning a silver-bullet for training development?

5. June 2018

Greg Blackburn is a researcher, published author and General Manager at IMC UK. His long-term experience has made him one of the strongest voices within the e-learning industry. In our latest podcast episode, Greg discusses the... read more

Making education accessible: e-learning in Myanmar

9. May 2018

In the last five years, adoption of mobile technology in Myanmar has been dramatic, and along with it, the demand for e-learning. Find out how the digital revolution has impacted Thabyay Education Foundation and its students. read more

Implementing IDD - With IMC as your trusted partner

7. May 2018

Almost all regulations are not limited to the country in which a company is located, but also to transnational political area of influence such as the European Union (EU) or the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).... read more

AR in action at CeBIT

7. May 2018

Stop by our stand to take our Lamborghini* (app) for a test drive and find out how you can use AR and other tech to empower your people with effective learning tools that harness their abilities to ensure exceptional output for... read more

Podcast: The Insurance Distribution Directive at Generali Austria

4. April 2018

Michael Sprung, Head of Education at Generali in Austria, talks about the new Insurance Distribution Directive (IDD) in the EU. read more

How microlearning can deliver competitive advantage: Episode 3 of our podcast series

15. March 2018

Enda Eames (IMC Sales Director AU/NZ) is passionate about enabling people to improve their performance through leading-edge learning technologies. His 30 years’ experience in the ICT marketplace in Asia Pacific, Europe and the... read more

Case Study: Kiwi ingenuity meets German engineering

27. February 2018

KiwiRail is New Zealand’s national rail network operator and one of the largest transport employers in New Zealand with over 4,200 permanent staff and more than 6,500 contractors. The company transports over 33% of New Zealand’s... read more

Quick Reads – here’s what to read in January

3. January 2018

Welcome back for 2018! We wish you a happy New Year, a year full of new opportunities and goals. For a bit of inspiration, we start our Quick Reads in January with the reviews of two top speakers in the e-learning... read more

Quick Reads – here’s what to read in December

11. December 2017

Artificial intelligence is revolutionising the e-learning industry read more

We are going global – check out our new YouTube Channel

14. November 2017

IMC is growing worldwide. Starting out as a university spin-off at the University of the Saarland (Germany) in 1997, the company has come a long way since its early days and is today represented in twelve locations across Europe,... read more