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Quick Reads – here’s what to read in May

15. May 2018 Blog 

"The Internet is just a hype" - This statement was made by Microsoft founder Bill Gates in 1993, he has probably revised this opinion by now. PCs, tablets, smartphones and even smart watches have become an essential... read more

Quick Reads – here’s what to read in March

7. March 2018 Blog 

While the Fashion Weeks are currently setting the standards for the new season, our Quick Reads in March also, are giving insights in what to expect in 2018. Find out how IT professionals benefit from social learning and how to... read more

Quick Reads - here's what to read in February

21. February 2018 Blog 

This month we bring you a mix of articles that have piqued our interest in the IMC office. Find out how many people sleep through meetings, how long training takes to develop and more below. Linking Competency Models to... read more

Quick Reads – here’s what to read in January

3. January 2018 News Blog 

Welcome back for 2018! We wish you a happy New Year, a year full of new opportunities and goals. For a bit of inspiration, we start our Quick Reads in January with the reviews of two top speakers in the e-learning... read more

Quick Reads – here’s what to read in December

11. December 2017 News Blog 

Artificial intelligence is revolutionising the e-learning industry read more