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Quick Reads – here is what to read in August

How digitalisation is going to flip industries

11. August 2017

In August, we would like to share two articles, dealing with the increasing influence of digitalisation in companies of all industries. We remain curious about the digital future.

Why every business needs to be a digital business to survive

  • Published by Chris Riddel
  • Time to read: approx. 10 min
  • “Digital is going to flip industries on their head and fundamentally force you to change your way of thinking. If you don’t, you might as well pull down the shutters”, so Chris Riddell, award winning futurist. On his blog, he writes about trends like facial recognition or talking technology and describes how technology has influenced his life and his work. For example, during his career at MARS, he has recognised that customers are more interested in the experience with a product than the product itself. Thanks to technology, companies have access to more data and can make use of that phenomenon to create personalised, individual experiences.

One fifth of large corporates now have Chief Digital Officer

  • Published by
    Time to read: approx. 10 min
  • The article describes the growing cultivation of “Chief Digital Officers” (CDO) in large UK companies. Companies in the financial services and consumer-focused industries have the highest digital leader ratios, but the trend affects all industries, which are all more and more shaped by technological change. Hiring an CDO means for companies to protect their market presence and to avoid becoming “victims” of digital disruption. This development is certainly not limited to the UK market.

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