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Quick Reads – here’s what to read in May

15. May 2018

"The Internet is just a hype" - This statement was made by Microsoft founder Bill Gates in 1993, he has probably revised this opinion by now. PCs, tablets, smartphones and even smart watches have become an essential part of our everyday life. The flood of information and fast pace of global digitization are rapidly changing the conditions in the e-learning sector. In Mays Quick Reads we see this change through the eyes of online trainers. 

Learn how trainers manage to have a personal connection to their students in virtual classrooms while keeping pace with technical progress and resourceful competitors.

Engaging Online Learners: 5 Lessons from an Early Adopter

  • Published by: Training Industry
  • Time to read: Approx. 5 minutes
  • Trina Hoefling, lecturer at the University of Denver, is one of the early adopters in the e-learning industry. In her article, she shares her personal experiences when changing from physical to virtual classrooms and gives tips on how trainers can establish direct contact with their distance learning students. Among other things, she deals with the advantages of discussion forums, digital group work and the creation of a virtual office.

Step-By-Step Guide to Creating Meaningful Learning Experiences

  • Published by: Elearning! Magazine
  • Time to read: Approx. 8 minutes
  • The demand for online education is growing steadily, but so is the competition and the customer’s expectations. In this article, e-learning expert Kamy Anderson shares his step-by-step guide that enables trainers to stand out from the crowd with their training strategies. Anderson’s key to success lies in putting oneself in the shoes of the individual students and keeping them on the ball with interesting, short bits of learning content.

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