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Quick Reads – here is what to read in March

Instructional design tips part 2

2. March 2017

We continue our focus on instructional design and share two articles with you that’s all about the benefits of well-designed e-learning.

Going Virtual: Tips for Moving Instructor-Led Training Online

  • Published by Learning Solutions Magazine
  • Time to read: approx. 5 min
  • This article offers a few tips on how to ensure a smooth transition when converting from traditional classroom training to e-learning, from a designer’s perspective. Virtual instruction requires more preparation than face-to-face teaching, so a solid structure and proper planning becomes more important. However, principals such as good design plus strong and clear objectives still apply, regardless of platform.

Design Can Enhance eLearning Comprehension

  • Published by Learning Solutions Magazine
  • Time to read: approx. 5 min
  • Even though the information is the same, people still prefer reading on paper than on screens. Instructional designers can help lighten these potential barriers with well-designed e-learning and this article offers a few tips on how. Considering the differences of how learners process information when reading on screens versus paper, is something anyone should evaluate before implementing or converting traditional training to e-learning.

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