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Quick Reads – here is what to read in June

Science-fiction becomes reality

6. June 2017

It sounds like an episode of the English science-fiction series “Black Mirror”, but it becomes more and more reality: machines which can read human thoughts. Our first reading tip will deal with that topic, while our second article will discuss the role of the human resource department in times of digital upheaval. Old-fashioned bureaucracy is outdated. Taking big steps towards the future with innovators and trendsetters becoming the new HR professionals.

Facebook has 60 engineers working on controlling computers from your brain

  • Published by John Shinal for CNBC
  • Time to read: approx. 5 min
  • The article describes the current research of Facebook which involves the development of systems to allow humans, with the help of technology, to write solely with their thoughts and to hear with their skin. This will have a big impact on the blind and the hearing impaired and supports them with their communication abilities. But how will these innovations impact the e-learning industry? Will it be easier in future for disabled people to do jobs and learn things which are not possible today, thanks to this new technology?

Endorsing changes need to become a passion

  • Published by Peter M. Wald for Leipziger-HRM-Blog
  • Time to read: approx. 5 min
  • In German language
  • Peter M. Wald interviews Harald Schirmer, Manager Digital Transformation and Change at Continental AG, about the expectations towards Human Resources. Schirmer, who is intensively engaged in new methods for communication and cooperation, is outlining the new image of a human resource professional. The HR manager of the future is creator instead of an administrator and is passionate about endorses changes.

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